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  1. elkaknits

    How to lose weight

    and why a thread over 2 years old showed up on posts I have missed recently email is beyond meeeee. Ugh
  2. elkaknits

    How to lose weight

    As a big girl {and I mean big big} I hesitate to reply to this however I did lose 40 lbs one year in an effort to help my back pain. At the time I was on reddit and I remember a gal who was sad she only lost 60 lbs in a year of her weight loss journey. I replied that she should be proud she...
  3. elkaknits

    Nail Polish Discussion - Any Brand

    Every time I peek in here you ladies are asking about the EPs {okay I get notifications}. I don't own a single one because they used to be impossible to get so I stopped checking the website years ago. I have been very bad with the polish buying lately. Polish Pickup is a killer for me... Also...
  4. elkaknits

    Lancome Love

    Today I picked up my birthday gift from Ulta and it happens to be a Lancome mascara. On my Facebook I commented how I have loved Lancome ever since the 80s when they signed Isabella Rossellini and was peeved when they let her go {they lost me as well at the time--went from being a Lancome girl...
  5. elkaknits

    Nail Polish Discussion - Any Brand

    Everybody's nails look so pretty! My current mani was picked out by the husband Emily de Molly's Over the Edge. It looks mauve or cinnamon in some lights but it is a beautiful red
  6. elkaknits

    Versailles aka Cruise

    OMG I hope this is okay and I am not duplicating anything but when I saw the compact of concealer/powder what not in spring thread I googled the versailles collection and found this: the first post is on the fashion show and...