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  1. PlatinumV

    Need help for a petrol blue/teal make up

    Hello girls, I really need your help! I've recently bought this top (please, check the picture from the back, since it is the one where the colour is more similar to the real one) and I would like to wear it, with black trousers and...
  2. PlatinumV

    Suggestion for powder foundation

    I simply find extremely quick to use a powder foundation. Actually I am wearing Clinique Almost Powder MakeUp. 1 minute with my kabuki brush, and I am done. The coverage is light, but still stronger than what I usually obtain with a liquid foundation over a sponge. And since in the morning each...
  3. PlatinumV

    Which loose powder for combination skin?

    I have to change my loose powder, since I've almost finished it. Now I am using MUFE loose, but after 4 or 5 hours, my skin looks oily in the T zone. Any suggestion for which loose powder I could buy? I just want it to give a subtle effects. Thank you
  4. PlatinumV

    Suggestion for the review section

    I was posting in the pigment review section, and I've noticed that one of the pigments I love more (Dark Soul) was described as awful for many other girls. Finally, I've noticed (for those who have written the skintone in their signature) that NW people can wear Dark Soul very well, while it...
  5. PlatinumV

    Where can I fin PRO pigments and eyeshadows swatches?

    Only 2 pro shop in the entire Italy, both far from me. A friend of mine is going to Milan for job, so I asked to buy me some items. But I need swatches! Of pro pigments and pro eyeshadows. Where can I find them? Please! Thanks!
  6. PlatinumV

    Where can I find these MAC blushes?

    I've seen this pic in the swatch forum and I immediately fall in love with Conjure Up and Superdupernatural (the 2 on the right), but in the MAC site I can't find them. Are they belonging to a limited edition collection? Are they...
  7. PlatinumV

    What should I use together with Delft?

    I absolutely love Delft. It's dark, rich of colours, with great coverage and perfectly suits my eyes and skintone. But really I have no idea about what to put with it! I'm pale and pink, a NW15, with blue/green eyes and absolutely in love with gothic look. Do you have any suggestion about which...
  8. PlatinumV

    New here!

    Hello everybody! This is my first post in this forum and simply I don't know what should I say about me... Maybe a disclaimer: I come form Venice (Italy), you know, the city on water, so English is not my mother language. In this sense... have mercy! I usually do lots of grammar errors and I can...