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  1. fireatwill

    its been a while

    hey ladies!! its been a long while since ive been on specktra and i feel so out of the loop!! i have read the things that are pinned, but i was just wondering if you could all fill me in on the upcoming collections/dates/and what not? thanks in advance!! miss you all<3
  2. fireatwill

    Style Network?

    Does anybody watch it? Personally, I do. But what about you guys? Any favorite shows?
  3. fireatwill


    Now I know specktra has listed some great books for makeup. What are some really good books for fashion/fashion designers? TIA
  4. fireatwill

    sick. bleh.

    i think im getting a new camera for my birthday because this one is just really bothering me. oh wellll im sick and watching american pie band camp eating cashews i used : shimmermint shadestick chartreuse piggy golden lemon piggy silly goose bitter freshwater peacocky glitter liner
  5. fireatwill

    Kind of Confused...

    I FINALLY got ahold of people at MAC pro. Then when I asked to place an order she asked me for my PRO card, i asked her if since i was ordering over the phone, didnt i notneed one? She said "No. You have to have one all the time to order anything pro over the phone or internet" This isnt true...
  6. fireatwill

    My Collection :-D

    alright. keep in mind. it isnt large. for i have only been a really big mac 'fan' for a month and a half. so its small, but growing this is what it looks like in my bathroom. all prim and proper 8) now this one. TODAY, i dropped it and two of the eyeshadows (idol eyes, white frost)...
  7. fireatwill

    sonrisa inspired. sort of.

    hey all. this was a look she did a while back and so i decided to try it. it isnt as good as hers (duh!) but yeah. i did have to improvise on some of the colors though. i couldnt do a thick enough crease either. oh well!! heres her look : and i used canton candy paint pink freeze hepcat and...
  8. fireatwill

    its hard to swallow with your hands around my throat

    to put it nicely i hope you choke. thats from a from first to last song okay so today i was told that my makeup sucked by some rude girl that worked at mac (which i was suprised by because normally i dont run into rude people that work there) but whatever. i used tilt steamy carbon me...
  9. fireatwill

    i pretty much despise my camera

    it takes horrible pictures. so sorry i didnt use a lot today, only beautiful iris parfait amour splashproof mascara.
  10. fireatwill

    Job Process

    i was wondering what process you have to go through to be a MAC freelance (or store) employee. Do you have to have any other experience? What is required?