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  1. LatinaRose

    I haz haulage...lots of pics!

    Most of the MAC is from the recent warehouse sale here in TO.... MSFs in Petticoat, So Ceylon, & Warmed MAC Bronze, Otherworldly blush, Velvet Moss e/s Baby Fix+, NYX Jumbo pencils in Milk & Black Bean MAC Hollywood Nights, St. Germain, & Hue MAC Tropic Glow Slimshine, Immodest Mattene...
  2. LatinaRose

    Can anyone suggest a Toronto area MAC artist?

    Every now and them I like to get my makeup done by a MAC artist. I learn new techniques and its just fun to be pampered and not have to get yourself ready to go out. So tell me who is your fave in the area!
  3. LatinaRose

    Recs for this lipstick please

    I'm asking for a friend, this is not my kind of look. So I'm clueless and need your help! Thanks
  4. LatinaRose

    I need a blue base please...

    I use Blueboy paint (my first one, long discontinued) and absolutely love it, but I want to do a tutorial and would like something people can go out and buy today. Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe the UD cream shadow in Radium (I think?), but maybe you guys will have more suggestions...
  5. LatinaRose

    Rock & Republic makeup

    I am lemming some R&R makeup hard!! The packaging is so sexy and gorgeous. Its luxe makeup thats sexy and young, not old and stuffy. I know its rather expensive ($28 an eyeshadow), but I've heard great things about the quality and the colors are gorgeous. I wants! KarlaSugar is in the...
  6. LatinaRose

    1st FOTD in awhile! UD Deluxe palette + Strayin' lipstick

    Face: MUFE HD 158, Select Concealer NW30, Loose Blot in Medium Eyes: UDPP, MAC Rubenesque pp, UD Deluxe shadows in Scratch, Fishnet, & Ransom, NYX Black e/s, MAC Arena e/s, Loreal HIP Creme liner, Ardell Invisiband Wispies Cheeks: Crushed B CCB, Cubic blush, Belightful highlighter Lips: Soar...
  7. LatinaRose

    Will HK launch on the Pro site at midnight as well?

    Just wondering, thanks!
  8. LatinaRose

    You can buy 5 items from UD...what do you choose?

    How about a fun thread? I would get: 1. Book of Shadows 2. Cream Shadow is Radium (the blue one) 3. 24/7 liner in Zero 4. Deluxe shadow in Adore 5. Not sure...probably another cream shadow (the pink one) or another Deluxe shadow. What would your choices be?
  9. LatinaRose

    Ideas for Moss Scape paint pot

    I was looking thru my collection and realized I've never used my Moss Scape paint pot. Any ideas for combos that look great over it?
  10. LatinaRose

    UD Cream Eyeshadows

    Has anyone tried the new Cream Shadows from UD?? I want to try them so bad!! The colors are gorgeous and I'm hoping they work well as a base. Anyone know if there are in store at Sephora yet? Thoughts???
  11. LatinaRose

    Software for editing YouTube vids??

    I just received a really nice HD digital camcorder for Christmas and want to edit some tuts for le tube. Any suggestions on something easy to use?
  12. LatinaRose

    Is Chill e/s a good subsitute for Gesso?

    I picked up Chill at the MAC warehouse sale this weekend. Just wondering if I should keep it or get Gesso instead. Which one has better texture/blendability? Thanks!
  13. LatinaRose

    NARS Lipsticks

    Opinions?? Are they worth the price? I'm thinking of trying Belle du Jour after hearing its a really good nude. Any other good colors? Thanks!
  14. LatinaRose

    Makeup brush holder/case/brush roll help

    Where do you guys keep your makeup brushes? I keep mine in a cosmetic case right now and its not good. It takes forever to find the one I want and I don't think getting jostled around in there is good for them. I've caught one or two in the zipper too. I'd like to keep them in a pyrex...
  15. LatinaRose

    Need Canadian prices on some items please...

    Global Glow MSF Fringe 5 Basic Brush Set (holiday 06 I think?) Curiositease Plushglass Set (holiday 07) Thanks!! ETA: Also, the Heirloom Face Brush Set with the 187. Thanks!!
  16. LatinaRose

    Anyone have the Deluxe Shadow Box?

    Thoughts and opinions on it?? I would be super grateful if someone could swatch it for me. I want to get it, but I heard they are coming out with a new palette in the fall (from and I'm not sure if I should wait to see that one. I hate how they put repeats in their palettes.
  17. LatinaRose

    Lipliner and gloss rec for MAC Pink Nouveau lipstick??

    Hey all, I haven't been on in awhile, how have you all been?? I need a gloss and liner for Pink Nouveau please. Prefer MAC so I can use my discount. Thanks!!
  18. LatinaRose

    Recs for these TERA PATRICK looks please

    Doesn't have to be MAC, esp for the cheeks (I'm in love with Nars!). But I do have the Pro discount, so I wouldn't mind saving some money. Look 1 - esp the lips Look 2 Look 3 - esp the lips Thanks so much ladies!!
  19. LatinaRose

    How should my friend deal with this MAC complaint?

    I am a member of an exotic dancer forum. I have encouraged many girls to apply for their MAC Pro discount. However, one of the girls from the forum was treated very rudely when she applied in store. Here is her original post from the forum: Quote: I am trying to obtain a MAC Pro...
  20. LatinaRose

    Help me round out my lip collection, please!

    I now have my Pro discount (finally!) and want to flex it when I visit the Pro store in Vegas in a couple weeks. I want to buy some new lipsticks, but I'm not sure what to look out for that will look good on me. So tell me, which lippies am I missing? I have: lipsticks Twig Myth Underplay...