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  1. gracetre123

    Since I got plumage....

    I just cant stop using it, I love it!!! face Revlon ColorStay Coastal Scents camoflage palette Clinique loose powder Cover girl Dark face powder for conturing NYC Blush Stik in Pink Flash Eyes Loreal Decrease Loreal Hip duo in Flashy, the green shade used wet Mac Plumage Some jafra gold...
  2. gracetre123

    My love for purple and black!!

    Face Revlon colorstay CScent camuflage palette for counturing and highlight Clinique loose powder Blush...some one from jafra...the name its not visible any more.. Eyes Mac Silverwear Maybellines stylih smokes in amethyst Femme Couture (I think) gel liner and cs 88palette black shadow Mac...
  3. gracetre123

    My I need to practice the cut the crease teq FOTD

    Hello ladies....I was going to participate in one youtube contest with this look (thats why Im holding my username on the pics)...but I didnt like the result...anyway I will like to share with you guys!!! any cc is welcome... Face Revlon Colorstay liq foundation in buff Coastal scents...
  4. gracetre123

    I love pinks and purples!!!

    yes...I always try diferents colors but always go back to my favorites...I hope you like it!! cc is welcome... Face Revlon colorstay in buff Coastal scents camuflage concealar palette Jaffra blush in earth brown zansuzi powder Eyes. Mac Royal Assets Cool palette. Femme couture gel eyeliner...
  5. gracetre123

    Very simple FOTD

    Hey guys!!! this was my FOTD for a party yesterday...I hate my camera...I even try to take the pictures outside but it doesnt it was more dramatic than the pictures...anyway all cc is welcome...hope you like it!! Face Revlon color stay in buff...(to light for me now) I have to get a...
  6. gracetre123

    Gold and Teal...super metallic eyes!!

    I hope you like it gilrs!!! Face.. Revlon color stay liq. foundation in buff. ZanZusi powder NYX blush in pecan Coastal scents camuflage concealar palette.. Eyes Loreal hip shadow stick..the gold one femme coutore gel liner in black MAC Retrospeck Loreal hip shadow in showy MAC sunday best...
  7. gracetre123

    playing around with my coastal scents palettes

    and heres the result!!! click on the picture to see them bigger!! Products used... Face Revlon Color Stay liquid foundation Concealar from the cs camuflage palette Blush bright pink from the cs 42 palette Eyes... from the regular 88 palette soft creamy brown on the lid and matte...
  8. gracetre123

    Jennifer Hudson´s Morther and Brother shot to death

    I mean MOTHER Oh...this is so sad you guys!! I just see this... Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton » Blog Archive » Jennifer Hudson's Mother and Brother Shot To Death! So sorry this is horrible...
  9. gracetre123

    First FOTD! a classic smokey eye

    He you here is...all comments are welcome... And the last one with my baby boy Fabricio!! The products Face Monistat Chafing powder gel Estee Lauder Ideal Matte Foundation Lancome Maquicomplet Concealar Maybelline Dream Matte Powder Eyes Loreal Hip Cream Liner in...
  10. gracetre123

    Concealer for dark patches (cloasma)

    hey ladies!! Well...with the pregnancy my skin just turn horrible, with all this acne, huge pores, redness...but the big big trouble its that I just got know the pregnancy mask, its horrible, its on my cheeks and my nose, its looks like I have a huge sun burn...its seems that...
  11. gracetre123

    Fabricio in the Womb!!!big pic!!

    Hello beautiful ladies!! So we had our 4d ultrasound, and this is the pictures of my baby...yay a boy!!! He was 27 weeks at that time..he´s doing great kicking mama all the here he is... It was very amazing to see him open his eyes, his mouth, and kinda smille...I...
  12. gracetre123

    Nireynas tutorials (brushes)

    Hello beautiful ladies!!! Ok so I{m sure that many of you have seing the Nireynas video tutorials on youtube...I think she is great...beautiful and very talented, Im in love with all her tecniques and I had tried every single one....but.... Where can I find this litttle and precise brushes...
  13. gracetre123

    My N collection shadows...lost??

    so what do you think?? I placed an order with (N collection eyeshadows), and it was shipped out in Jan/14/08 by DHL... This has to be deliver to the USPS and then to my address...but I dont have nothing yet!!USPS said that they got it on Jan 22...but that all the status the site...
  14. gracetre123

    Prenatal Education

    Hello ladies!! let´s share all that prenatal education tips! you know theres a lot of information on internet, and as a new mom I will love to tried everything...heheh I listen those Baby Mozart music, it´s very soon in my pregnancy for that, but it´s like a relax time for me... some of...
  15. gracetre123

    Giveaway answers

    Hi girls... I just would like to know the 17 and 18 dec giveaways answers, it´s just that I´m kinda new in this MAC world and my english it´s not so good so it´s a little hard to me to do serch and get an answer... TIA
  16. gracetre123

    How do you feel about your Family in law??

    I don´t know how to start this thread, I just need to tell this to someone.... I can´t handle anymore...I don´t fit in there...and I think this is started to cause troubles in my marrige..I don´t know why...there´re are good people...but I don´t feel comforable with them, know..I can´t...
  17. gracetre123

    Amway!!! should I sign??

    Hi... I'm almost an Amway distribuitor, not yet, but I was doing a reserch on the internet and there's a lot of bad information about this and Quixtar... Now I'm confused, I don't know what to do!!! I was so happy with all this idea of the plan, and dreams, and the big money, you know, but...
  18. gracetre123

    217 & 239 shedding??

    Is that normal?? or my brushes are in bad condition?? TIA
  19. gracetre123 Mac or BB??

    hello ladies... ok..lets see...what do you like most?? BB ShimmerBricks or Mac MSF?? Don't see the price, don't see the LE thing, just quality....wich one is best for you??
  20. gracetre123

    help...with my BN 187...I'm almost crying..

    Hello ladies... Ok..I just got my very first mac haul, I was so happy, so I decided to use my BN 187 to apply foundation, and OMG it's sheds, I was so mad, I mean it cost 42 dlls...I wash it with regular shampoo,.. I'm so sad...what should I do?? It sheds a LOT