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  1. erinmosh

    real or fake? creme de violet

    i just received creme de violet in a swap and i was wondering if it was real or fake. it swatches nice but i'm still unsure. if you need swatches or pictures of the actual eyeshadow let me know. here are pictures of the box/pot:
  2. erinmosh

    how much is your MAC collection worth?

    make sure to tell how long you have been collecting for!
  3. erinmosh


    is it being discontinued or going to PRO only? it's on the goodbyes section on!
  4. erinmosh

    my way too big collection (image heavy!)

    this was my collection in november of 2007. i got bored the past few days so i decided to take pictures of how big it is now. looking at these pictures makes me realize what a problem i have :/ ughhh. oh well. if you want to know what anything is, let me know and i'll try to remember/find...
  5. erinmosh

    Problems with Studio Fix Fluid

    So, I have been matched up numerous times for sff. about 4 of the times i had been matched up (at the same counter) to nw20. then i realized, it is too orange for me, so i tried nw15. still the same. After that, I went to the same counter, and talked to a MA, saying i was matched up to nw20. but...
  6. erinmosh

    space9co's brushes

    fake or real? I have vowed never to buy brushes on ebay again because of bargainpad... but i'm just curious.