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  1. MissTT

    BEAUTY.COM Friends & Family Sale

    I wish they had the NARS Guy Bourdin collection so I could get Cambodia eye shadow at a discount. Last year I picked up four NARS brushes from this sale. Anyone getting anything here? Starts Tuesday.
  2. MissTT

    SEPHORA Friends & Family 2013

    dba Employee Appreciation will be held October 17-30, 2013. This 20% off sale is literally limited to friends of Sephora employees and a cast member must give you a special coupon/code. No word on a VIB sale yet. I was too sick today to even ask about it and too shocked about how quickly the F&F...
  3. MissTT

    Wayne Goss Brush Collection

    The full collection is currently available for pre-order. I believe he worked with Artisan & Artist which is manufactured by Chikuhodo. Is anyone going to get them? Brush 01 Foundation Brush 02 Powder Brush 03 Crease, Large Brush 04 Crease, Medium Brush 05 Crease, Small Brush...
  4. MissTT

    Which mascara for full, feathery lashes?

    I'm looking for a mascara that creates more of a fanned, feathery look than spidery lashes. Something along the lines of what Full n' Soft claims to do. Anyone have any mascaras that give this look?
  5. MissTT

    Lipstick & First Date

    I have a first date coming up and of course I want to look AMAZING. I'm relatively new to lipstick, but have been really pleased by how powerful and sexy some colors have made me look. I've always avoided lipstick b/c it wears away as you talk and looks gross after you eat. My dilemma is: how...
  6. MissTT

    CoverGirl Queen Collection All Day Flawless Foundation

    Has anyone had a chance to try out this foundation? I haven't purchased a drugstore foundation at least 10 years, but based on reviews I'm all in on this one. There are 14 shades for women of color! Unfortunately, I don't live in an area that sells this collection so I'm not sure what color to...
  7. MissTT

    MAC 239 vs. Bobbi Brown Eye Sweep Brush

    I'm searching for a new eye brush and plan to use it for the following: apply shadow to the lid, apply shadow to brown bone (highlight), and wash of single color over entire eye for quick and easy makeup look. I know most people hear swear by MAC brushes, but I'm wondering if anyone has tried...
  8. MissTT

    butter LONDON - B1G1 FREE

    Ulta is having a sale TODAY ONLY for butter LONDON. It's buy 1, get 1 free. Great deal! There's also free...
  9. MissTT

    Chanel COCO NOIR

    I'm in the market for a new perfume and happened to get an email today to presale this scent. The bottle is just divine and the scent was inspired by Coco's visits to Venice. Is anyone going to pick this up soon? Free overnight shipping for presales...