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  1. kariii

    Kanye West at VMA's..DOUCHEBAG!

    OMG! what a douche!!! for going up on stage and totally stealing poor Taylor Swift's moment on stage. Yeah, we know Beyonce deserved the award.. but stop beind a d!c* h*le and let innocent Taylor have her moment. Beyonce is so sweet too, she gracefully let swift accept her award at the end.
  2. kariii

    My Precious Mac Palettes

    WOW, THIS TOOK FOREVER.. but i've been meaning to do it for a while now. EYESHADOW PALETTES BLUSH PALETTES
  3. kariii


    I wanna see your ladies eyebrows before and after you do a little maintenance.. such as shaping, filling in, the usual.. I just wanna see the difference.. I will post mine soon, just need to take photos. Please show me yours! I'm always interested in seeing what a huge difference it makes.
  4. kariii

    I realized it will never be the same again..

    Good afternoon everyone, I was playing around with my new goodies.. here you go.. FACE: MUFE primer 01 Revlon colorstay in early tan MSFN medium plus Notable blush FIX + (my trueee love, i have found you again!!) EYES: painterly paintpot Notoriety quad Sketch e/s shroom e/s melon...
  5. kariii

    Work face

    FACE: studio moisture select MUFE HD 125 MSFN medium Plus MUFE contour modellers Enough said blush Matte Bronzer Sunny by nature MSF EYES: Select cover up NW20 as base Saddle e/s and espress e/s in crease Sketch e/s to dark crease All that glitters e/s on Lid Shroom e/s as highlight Beauty...
  6. kariii

    I am on a roll... One Off and strike a pose

    EYES: NW20 select concealer all over lid and under eyes Beiging shadestick on lid Bright sunshine e/s Unbasic white e/s One off e/s Ricepaper e/s Strike a pose e/s Fly-by-blu pearlglide Black russian pearlglide FACE: Hyperreal Foundation N300 Studio Fix NC30 (yuck, I hate this combo!)...
  7. kariii

    Love that look (s&d with Mufe92)

    EYES: Painterly paintpot (all over lid) Beigeing shadestick on lid Unbasic white e/s Smoke and diamonds e/s Carbon e/s Blacktied e/s MUFE 92 Shroom e/s Blacktrack fluidline blackrussian pearlglide eyeliner rave pearlglide eyeliner plushlash mascara FACE: MUFE HD 125 ( i dont know if i like...
  8. kariii

    Mufe/ Love That Look Haul

    Mufe 92 e/s (I've been waiting foreverr for this) MUFE HD foundation sample 125 sample MUFE Hd primer sample Twig lipstick Costa Chic lipstick unbasic white e/s Glamour check e/s Strike a pose e/s One off e/s smoke & diamonds e/s Molasses Pearglide eyeliner Black Russian Pearglide eyeliner...
  9. kariii

    Word of mouth

    My take on this face chart: PRODUCTS USED: EYES: bare canvas paint Amber lights e/s Copperplate e/s shroom e/s Carbon e/s Plushlash mascara and blackground paint pot to line my eyes FACE: SFF NC30 MSFN medium plus Matte Bronzer Enough Blush Bone beige to contour Honour blush to highlight...
  10. kariii

    word of the mouth, what products?

    What can I replace word of mouth trio with to achieve this eyelook? Also how about the blush? I have enough said, but I find it too shimmery! TIA girlies
  11. kariii

    Show me your wedding ring, engagement ring or promise ring :)

    After getting a new engagement ring after my accident in washing down my ring down the shower drain, I'm curious to see everyone's. C'mon ladies, I know a lot of you are engaged and married!
  12. kariii

    Bright and colorful. Gladiola lipstick <3

    I think these photos are a bit too big, but they are still within guidelines (600x800?) I hope so! Products are all MAC. EYES: Bare Canvas paint (all over lid) Delft paintpot (just on lower lid) Sweetie cakes quad /almond icing (blended crease with) /gateaux(highlight) /sugar blue(lid)...
  13. kariii

    Your favorite MAC e/s to complete neutral look?

    Choose FOUR eye shadows that you would put in a quad for a neutral look! I would go with: Orb handwritten patina Shroom YOUR TURN ->
  14. kariii

    My warrior inspired look (Yellow, purple and zebra stripes)

    EYES: Bare study painpot Golden lemon pigment Nylon E/s Seedy pearl E/s Nocturnelle e/s Fig. 1 e/s sketch e/s Carbon e/s Blacktrack fluidline Chill e/s Plushlash mascara FACE: SFF NC35 MSFN medium plus Matte bronzer MUFE contour duo can't remember what blush LIPS: Pink lemonade lipglass
  15. kariii

    OH parrot! how i love thou.

    I know they're a bit dark, but I worked with what I had as far as lighting goes Anyways... EYES: Painterly paintpot Vanilla e/s all over the lid Juxt e/s Parrot e/s deep truth e/s Plumage e/s electric eel e/s Femme Fi e/s Horizon liquidlast plushlash mascara FACE: SFF NC35 MSFN medium...
  16. kariii

    Golden girl

    A simple look I did for hanging out with a friend. Any CC is welcome! And a kiss for all my specktrarettes! EYES: Painterly Paint pot Amberlights E/s Handwritten e/s Sable e/s Femme Fi e/s Carbon e/s Smolder Eyeliner Blacktrack fluidline Plush lash mascara FACE: SFF NC35 MSFN Medium...
  17. kariii

    Engagement ring

    OMG! so here is the story: I just got engaged January 1st, 2009 and I was taking a shower like 3 days ago and my engagement ring fell down the drain, gone forever So we're looking at a replacement one and I truly love the one above. It's engraved with "Past, Present & Future." on the inside...
  18. kariii

    Carribou lou pineapple juice

    All MAC unless stated otherwise EYES: Painterly P/p (all over lid) artifact p/p (on lid) Flip e/s Cranberry e/s expensive pink e/s dear cupcake e/s signed, and seald e/s handwritten e/s Femme Fi e/s blacktrack fluidline Smolder eyeliner beauty marked e/s (on lower lash line) Plushlash mascara...
  19. kariii

    Update my playlist:

    So I started working out and finally found my Ipod that has music from 2003/2004 and got inspired to update it. Now I need your help! What's on your current playlist?
  20. kariii

    Stranger Walked In On Me Naked.

    I don't even know where to begin.. but I will try to make this short.. So last year, I chose to move to San Francisco from Santa Cruz where my mom and my sister live (mainly because they both smoke cigs indoors and I was sick every constant second of lung infections/non - stop coughing.. plus...