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  1. LuvBeMac

    Danse Collection

    When it will be released in Asia? Malaysia especially?
  2. LuvBeMac

    What are your 'MUST BUY' from Danse Collection

    Hi guys, Im torn with this collection coz I want the whole of the collection. Again WHOLEEEE of them, but it is so IMPOSSIBLE due to the money constraint. So guys, what you will definetely buy from this collection and why? Maybe you could help me to decide.. TIA!
  3. LuvBeMac

    my hauls for the past couple of weeks...=]

    Amazing haul!!!
  4. LuvBeMac

    ++Makeup Tutorial For Beginner++

    Well guys, this is my first tutorial ever.. any constructive comment are welcomed! p/s- pics are wayyy to large..i dont know how to reduce them ITEM USED Estee Lauder Englighten MAC Paint Stilife Mac Blush Double Golden Kitty/ Primpin BE Fairly Light MAC Summer Neutral MAC Steamy MAC...
  5. LuvBeMac

    My Early May Haul

    At first im not thinking to buy any items of Sundressing but when my housemate came home last night and show me what she bought, i tried them all and i became really excited!! The lipglasses and pigments are soooo oooh la la!! I went to the counter just now and bought some other items. Plus, I...
  6. LuvBeMac

    Hawt Smokey Eyes

    with flash w/o flash Face Estee Lauder Enlighten BE Mineral Veil BE Clear Radiance Eyes BE Glimmer Liberty MAC Knight Divine MAC CCB Gold MAC Spring Up MAC Paint Graphito Lips MAC Plumful
  7. LuvBeMac

    HELP ME!!!Im in dillema

    im considering to buy one of flowering quad or thunder eyes..both look impressive for what u suggest??also, is it worth it to have overgrown,spring up, budding and flowerosophy l/g??Because in my country they just had finish!!!and no stock .. I think to ask my friend form overseas to...
  8. LuvBeMac

    What your '!MUST HAVE! Item for Sweetie Cake?

    So guys, what do u really really really want for Sweetie Cake? If u dont have it then u will have nightmares As for me, the quad, pink mauved pigment, peacock eyepencil. What are yours??
  9. LuvBeMac

    2nd FOTD of a beginner!! a beginner in make up thingy.. it is quite messy lolll face mac strobe undercover pinkfied mac studio pro mac msf petticoat eyes mac paint stilife mac paint graphito mac freshwater mac aquadisiac estee lauder magnascopic lips mac chromeglass pink o rosy
  10. LuvBeMac

    My very first FOTD

    hi,im newbie ..hope to get respond from y'all dont know how to groom eyebrow at all im fighting with acne!!arghhhhhhhhhhh my photography technique is so bad...comment pls
  11. LuvBeMac

    My desperate haul

    some of my lipglass has been stolen by my roomate's friend.. i am very sad and dissapointed, get fever on the other exam just around the corner..and no mac store nearer me..only at my i want to rejoice myself when i go back to my hometown this coming 15th..some make up...