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  1. clayzgurl04

    long time no post! glowy look

    I loved this look! lol click to enlarge and please pardon my messy room! haha eyes loreal de-crease MAC swiss chocolate e/s (applied wet) MAC white frost e/s covergirl lashblast marykate and ashley eyeliner sparkling black (I think that's what it's called haha) face covergirl concealer...
  2. clayzgurl04

    plum dressing + snob = <3

    I loved my makeup..hehe! I had to post it. eyes: loreal de-crease mac plum dressing e/s (applied wet) mac deep truth e/s (dry) max factor stretch and separate mascara cover girl concealer face: color workshop blush (it's cheap but it works LOL) revlon skinlights instant skin brightner...
  3. clayzgurl04

    glitter fotd

    couldn't get many good pics with this one..mehh face: concealer eyes: shade fluidline (applied wet) silverspun glitterliner over that maybelline xxl mascara rimmel eyeliner cheeks: CG "cheekers" blush lips: concealer love nectar l/g thanks for looking
  4. clayzgurl04

    i swear it's the deep truth..

    I really love golds.. eyes: loreal de-crease amber lights (wet) deep truth maybelline xxl mascara then later added: baselight paint to lids (because the shadow creased ) copper sparkle pigment (wet) face: almay foundation lips: revlon nude lustre gloss mac love nectar l/g cheeks...
  5. clayzgurl04

    more snobby lipsss

    Don't you just love my pout? lmao Took me forever to get good pics. Most of them came out blurry. My hair looks like crap. It won't grow! *cries* click to enlarge face: almay skin stays clean foundation in naked 03 eyes: loreal de-crease color workshop powder (over the de-crease...
  6. clayzgurl04

    i'm a snob for melon

    Don't know what that title meant. lmfao I don't know why I even posted this one.. it's rather boring. But I liked the pictures.. I took them in my bathroom! yay! Click to enlarge. eyes: chapstick as base melon pigment (wet) rimmel eyeliner maybelline xxl mascara face: almay...
  7. clayzgurl04

    no idea lol

    eyes: chapstick as base deep truth in crease swiss chocolate on outer lid and under lower lashes humid on inner lid fascinating eye kohl in waterline and outer corners maybelline xxl mascara lips: myth lipstick prrr lipgloss cheeks: virgin isle almay foundation (where needed..LOL) CC is...
  8. clayzgurl04


    and yes I realize the yellow was too far up. eyes: loreal decrease chrome yellow orange swiss chocolate beauty marked rimmel eyeliner pencil maybelline xxl mascara maybelline liquid eyeliner (just on outer corners) cheeks: cheap blush earlier today then put on virgin isle after. :P...
  9. clayzgurl04

    bored fotd...PIC HEAVY!

    they're just thumbnails..don't worry! lol eyes: chapstick as base amber lights on lid chrome yellow just above eyelashes and as a highlight white frost in inner corners and inner lids swiss chocolate in outer lids plum dressing in crease frost pigment over chrome yellow on brow...
  10. clayzgurl04

    colorful fotd

    I had fun with this one. eyes: mac prep+prime, white frost, plum dressing, aquadisiac, amber lights, beauty marked, covergirl mascara cheeks: cheap blush lips: nothing
  11. clayzgurl04

    trying to recreate a look

    tried to redo this makeup look! eyes: mac prep+prime loreal decrease (or d-crease haha) amber lights es orange es swiss chocolate es humid es fascinating eye kohl covergirl mascara cheeks: maybelline dream matte mousse blush: crushed...
  12. clayzgurl04

    humid & chrome yellow

    I took these pics by a window so they look a bit different.. the face pics look more like I do in real life..haha eyes: baselight paint, frost pig,chrome yellow es, humid es, covergirl mascara, silverspun glitter liner lips: hue ls cheeks: virgin isle ccb
  13. clayzgurl04

    eye and lippies for today

    lips: a lil bit of foundation and politely pink ls eyes: baselight paint, kitchmas pig, deep truth es, beauty marked es, plum dressing es, covergirl mascara (that stuff is a bitch to rub off.. haha) sorry no full face pic.. but you're probably glad by that. :P
  14. clayzgurl04

    sat night fotd

    eyes: forgot to add this last time! lol mac prep + prime loreal decrease aquadisiac amber lights white frost unlabeled eyeliner deep truth beauty marked full n soft mascara lips: love nectar (had hue lipstick on but changed it) cheeks: CG blush
  15. clayzgurl04


    eyes: (all applied wet) white frost humid beauty marked unlabeled eyeliner full n soft mascara lips: c-thru (looks like florabundance in the pics though) cheeks: cheap blush click to see full size
  16. clayzgurl04

    not sure where to post this..

    This is probably a stupid question but in every pigment jar I get they always have that little clear covering over it.. Does that have a purpose? I'm guessing it's to make it stay fresh or something? What happens if you throw the plastic thing away? Because I've thrown some away..does it make a...
  17. clayzgurl04

    i need to buy more chrome yellow

    eyes: frost pigment chrome yellow aquadisiac deep truth fascinating eye kohl some cheap eyeliner maybelline full n soft mascara cheeks: some cheap blush lol lips: hue lipstick
  18. clayzgurl04

    barbie-ish fotd

    I didn't even think about doing a barbie looking fotd..Then when I got done I realized it looked like the barbie look.. LOL I don't have the barbie shadows though..hehe it's kinda boring. eyes: humid, (wet) plum dressing (wet) full n soft mascara lips: myth l/s, flashmode l/g cheeks: some...
  19. clayzgurl04

    i'm on an fotd role haha...

    I liked the way this looked on camera. eyes: amber lights on inner lid, aquadisiac in middle of lid, deep truth on outer lid and crease, and those colors under eyes..frost pigment as highlight. and full n soft mascara lips: snob (just a little bit dabbed lightly) love that stuff cheeks...
  20. clayzgurl04

    green n gold

    Sorry I look so creepy in the full face ones.. I don't know why the pics turn out that way.. I'm really not that ugly! lol eyes: amber lights all over lid, chrome yellow on bottom half of lid, humid in crease and on lower lashline, frost pigment as highlight, full n soft mascara face: some...