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  1. k.a.t

    Three different looks in one day!

    I just played around with make up yesterday and ended up doing three different looks :) Look number 1: What I used: Eyes: [*=left] concealer to prime lids. beautyuk '6' palette - pale pink bubblegum shadow. Sleek Acid...
  2. k.a.t

    First time video tut - smoky brown eyes

    Forgive the quality and the fact I forgot to put music
  3. k.a.t

    Blue smoke

    Forgive the mess in the background lol FACE: revlon colorstay foundation mac studio finish concealer mac prep+prime transparent finishing powder maybelline bronzer fix+ CHEEKS mac blush - blushbaby (contour) mac blush - peaches (apples) mac redhead msf EYES sleek palettes - sunset and acid...
  4. k.a.t

    Sexy vamp ;)

    Did this look yesterday, and got quite a few compliments! Face: revlon colorstay foundation mac studio finish concealer mac prep+prime transparent finishing powder maybelline bronzer mac fix+ eyes: l'oreal liquid liner maybelline 'falsies' mascara stila 'moonlight' eyeshadow (for lower...
  5. k.a.t

    Neon pink, neon blue,

    I actually rather like this! What i used: face: revlon colorstay foundation mac studio finish concealer mac prep+prime transparent finishing powder maybelline bronzer eyes: sleek 'acid' palette - neon pink sleek 'sunset' palette for the black BarryM liquid liner - blue random highlight...
  6. k.a.t

    Rainbowish bright eyes with drugstore make up :)

    You don't always have to use the high end stuff to make something cool and bright B) what I used: FACE revlon colorstay foundation MAC studio finish concealer MAC prep+prime transparent finishing powder maybelline pressed powder bronzer fix+ CHEEKS boujoirs blush 'rose frisson' MAC redhead...
  7. k.a.t

    Experimental sunset ;)

    Experimenting with my sleek 'sunset' palette bonus snake pic lol: FACE: usual CHEEKS: MAC dollymix blush MSF redhead EYES: I think a picture is better L'oreal liquid liner Rimmel khol eyeliner pencil 'jungle green' Estee lauder mascara LIPS: a bit of foundation for base MAC...
  8. k.a.t

    Toxic green

    Here's a dramatic look I did today, just for fun. Not too sure on the orange on the lower lid :/ What I used: FACE: usual stuff CHEEKS: NARS blush 'amour' MAC blush 'peaches' MAC MSF 'redhead' EYES: UDPP MAC bitter olive green from 'acid' sleek palette orange colour on 'sunset' sleek...
  9. k.a.t

    What am I?

    I have no idea! Got bored today so decided to play with some make up. I just used a bunch of MAC and sleek eyeshadows with some clear gloss, L'oreal liquid liner and MAC blush (dollymix) Sorry for crappy webcam pics! this was just done purely for my own amusement Before I got crazy I...
  10. k.a.t

    Drugstore haul! (nail polishes and shadows)

    Latest haulage... Sleek shadow palettes in 'Acid' and 'Sunset' BarryM nail polishes in Cyan blue blueberry mint green vivid purple bright purple lemon strawberry bright pink pink iridescence and BarryM dazzledust in black
  11. k.a.t

    Been here for some time but never posted an FOTD...until now :D

    so please be kind hehe... and please ignore my hair LOL products I used: Face: Revlon Colorstay MAC studio finish concealer MAC prep+prime transparent powder (think that's the name?) some maybelline bronzer MAC blush in blushbaby Eyes: UDPP MAC bitter blue from one of the sleek pallettes...
  12. k.a.t

    Jojoba oil

    Okay so I'm planning on using pure jojoba oil as my moisturiser, but do any of you have any experience with it? good or bad? I have mild/moderate acne and just wondering if jojoba oil is pore clogging? TIA!
  13. k.a.t

    What do you ladies think of these...?

    I'm deciding whether or not to buy these...I do like them but was just wondering what other people thought of them....and also what I could wear them with TIA! EDIT: d'oh! forgot to paste the link!
  14. k.a.t

    I hate the 150 brush. it just me? I purchased this brush about a week ago and I have to say, for the money I paid and it being a MAC brush, I am very disappointed with this brush. It's very rough and not soft at all. Even after I washed it and used a bit of conditioner on it, it's still rough and horrible. It...
  15. k.a.t

    Estee Lauder Double Wear

    Okay, so after hearing all the good reviews on this i've decided to try this out, but i have one question, is this foundation suitable for warm undertones? I'm NC20 in SFF but i'm not sure they have 'yellowy' shades? TIA!
  16. k.a.t

    First "proper" haul..

    I say proper because the very FEW times that i've actually been to MAC i always only walk out with about 1 or 2 things lol well this time i got a lil more Since it was my b-day last sunday i thought i'd spend some money on make up - yay! Here's what i got: Laura Mercier oil-free primer...
  17. k.a.t

    Anyone heard of 'Lolicon'?

    Okay so i just found out about this 'lolicon' thing, it seems to be some kind of erotic anime portraying pre-teen 'girls' in a sexual is it just me or is this somehow wrong? I don't know but isn't this basically child porn? just in anime form? I've never heard of this until just now...
  18. k.a.t

    Shade for Blot Powder?

    Hey guys! I was just wondering, if i'm an NC20/25 in SFF what shade would i buy in the blot powder? O and also would you reccommend the pressed version instead of the loose? I'm looking to both set my foundation with it and for touch-ups. Thanks! (sorry if something similar has been posted...
  19. k.a.t

    Smallest MAC collection ever lol

    Ok so i'm kind of a newbie to make-up, and even more of a newbie to MAC Asides from that i don't work and rely on my parents to give me money to save up (which isn't that often) and i'm poor so technically i can't really afford it lol So my 'collection' is veeeeery tiny, but i'm certainly...
  20. k.a.t

    MAC 116 or MAC 129 brush?

    Ok so which of the two would you guys suggest for blush application? is there any difference other than the price? TIA