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  1. succubus

    Taylor Swift "Our Song" Inspired Green Smokey Look

    YouTube - Taylor Swift "Our Song" Inspired Smokey Green Eyeshadow Look
  2. succubus

    Silver & Black New Year's Eve Look

    YouTube - Silver & Black New Year's Eve Look
  3. succubus

    Watermelon Eyes - Hot Pink & Lime Green

    YouTube - Watermelon Eyes - Hot Pink & Lime Green
  4. succubus

    Bronze Smokey Eye

    YouTube - Bronze Smokey Eye
  5. succubus

    Ben Nye Palette - Greens

    I just bought my Ben Nye palette last week and I love it, especially the greens. YouTube - Ben Nye Palette - Greens
  6. succubus

    Citrus Eyes

    My version of the Citrus Eyes look originally created by Eddieboi77 YouTube - Re: Citrus Eyes
  7. succubus

    Rainbow eyes

  8. succubus

    Teal & Blue Brown Tutorial [link]

    Tutorial for this look here:
  9. succubus

    Black & Blue

    I used: Sharkskin Shadestick Deep Truth Black Tied Lily White Nylon
  10. succubus

    Sunset Eyes Tutorial

    Tutorial for this look is here:
  11. succubus

    Sunset Eyes

    Today's eyes Mangomix Shadestick Sushiflower Flamingo Pink (pigment from Michael's craft store) Orange D'bohemia Coppering Sweet Lust Say Yeah Gold Dusk Chrome Yellow Gorgeous Gold
  12. succubus

    Parrot Eyes Tutorial [link]

    Video tutorial for this look is here:
  13. succubus

    Parrot Eyes

    Inspired by a picture I found on the internet of a pretty parrot. I'm kinda disappointed that the blue didn't come out looking very vibrant, but I like it anyway.
  14. succubus

    Sunrise Eyes Tutorial

    I put together a video tutorial of pictures for my Sunrise Eyes look. I boo-booed the title on the video though, if you notice it says Sunset Eyes instead of Sunrise Eyes. Here's the tutorial video:
  15. succubus

    ORRA Pallets

    You know those big ORRA pallets that you can get off ebay? Are they really MAC? Cuz someone on my forum says MAC doesn't make their own products and that the ORRA pallets are the same just without the MAC label on them. From the pictures, they look similar and the color is fairly pigmented. I...
  16. succubus

    Lingerie Online?

    Is Lingerie going to be available to order off the website?
  17. succubus

    My "dark" side

    I didn't think this was really my "dark" side, but someone commented that they liked my new "dark" look...that it works for me. So here it is... All MAC unless otherwise stated: Some random burgandy Revlon creme shadow (as a base) Beauty Marked e/s Cranberry e/s Sushi Flower e/s Black...
  18. succubus

    Baby Phat Goddess

    Not sure what I think of this yet. We just got it in at work today and I opened it cuz the bottle was so pretty. When I first sprayed it, it kinda reminded me of Poison. Wasn't sure if I liked it at all, but I sprayed it on myself anyway and it didn't seem as strong.
  19. succubus

    MAC Pro in Calgary

    Yay! They are opening a Pro store in Calgary in March. I am so excited!
  20. succubus

    When boredom strikes...

    Cut your own hair... I think it needs more layers. And I may go a bit shorter still.