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  1. frankenstain

    Double ended brushes.

    Why do they make these? I think they're so silly. You'd be sticking a brush end into a cup or pouch and getting it all dirty and making the bristles bent. LOL. Anyone else feel the same?
  2. frankenstain

    M.A.C. "Phosphor" VS O.P.I. "Lemonaid Stand By Your Man"

    I know Miss Michelle of All Lacquered Up already did this but just wanted to make this.
  3. frankenstain

    How do I go about filing a complaint to Sephora?

    I'm sorry. I don't know where else to put this. I had a very bad experience at Sephora today and was very mistreated. If anyones been in the same situation or knows what to do, how exactly can I make a complaint? Should I call the mall and have the store number or something before I call...
  4. frankenstain

    Big ol' smokin' cateyes and big ol' fluffy hair.

    Prep and Prime Skin Studio Tech Studio Finish Maybelline Dream Matte Powder UDPP Maybelline primer, L'Oreal and Fiberwig mascara Sharkskin Arissa "Licorice" e/s Moon Dust e/s Omega on brows Emote blush NARS Orgasm blush a little Smooth Harmony for nose contour a little Claire's e/s for highlight...
  5. frankenstain

    Making depotted shadows look profesh!

    If you care about how the back of your depotted shadows look. I use Pro Mag magnetic tape and a circle hole punch for scrapbooking to make the magnet. Then I put the magnet on the...
  6. frankenstain

    Possible .88 cent Mutiny dupe?

    I found this today in the bottom shelf of Bon Bons makeup at Wal*Mart. Sorry for the shitty quality pic, my scanner won't work. But I used this and its pretty vibrant and lasting. Its not the texture of Pigment but hey 88 cents. I haven't seen Mutiny in real life yet but when I get it I'll...
  7. frankenstain

    My first FOTD. Baroque style.

    This is just something I did for fun because I had the things to do it with. I wouldn't wear it anywhere I really hate myself in red lips. This is what was used: *Studio Finish to cover brows and ugly marks *Maybelline white concealer as foundation in places *NYX "Paradise" Mosaic Powder...
  8. frankenstain

    Your Ladyship dupes?

    Does anyone have some really good dupes for Your Ladyship? Besides BE Cultured Pearl? I'd love to hear em.
  9. frankenstain

    NYX Trio color names??

    Does anyone know the names of the colors in the named Trios? The newer Trios are named one name and they don't list the names of the shadows in there at all.
  10. frankenstain

    New to Specktra, somewhat to Mac.

    I just started collecting Mac a couple months ago. My cousin got me on it. I've been reading this forum for a while and thought I'd sign up so I can chat. ;3