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  1. VertDeGris

    Brown Mac e/s dupes for the 2 colors from the 88 palette?

    Hello everyone, I need to find Mac dupes for these 2 brown e/s from the matte/original 88 palette. This picture is not mine as I have almost finished up these 2 e/s As I don't live near a Mac counter and can't drive there, I'd be so grateful of anyone has any idea. My rough guess: 1...
  2. VertDeGris

    HELP with eye and brow shape, please :) w/ pics

    Hi everyone! I'd LOVE recommendations about how to make up my eyes, as well as how to shape my brows. Because my point of view on myself is not objective, I really need your advice Full face: I filled them (with browpencil as I find them more precise). What do you think thicker in the...