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  1. hyperRealGurl

    Ohhhh la La La LA..... 3-29-08

    Hi ladies ive been MIA.. been busy with school ..... i graduate this year yippy im a stylist in the making .. working my way to get my Master Cosmetologist License. any how.... my face for today... CLICKABLE THUMBNAIL Face: NC35 SFF, NC35 Sheer Select PP Cheeks: Pinch Me Brows: Brow...
  2. hyperRealGurl

    ~***Playing With Colors***~

    Hello everyone!! Longtime no post. I started School at Georgia Institute Of Cosmetology just thought i would share that with everyone. Anyhow i was bored Face: SFF Nc40 Fix + Cheeks: Flure Power Strobe Cream Eyes: Stilife paint sea me Shade Stick Aquadisiac E/s Waternmyth E/s Shroom E/s...
  3. hyperRealGurl

    I Want To Go Back To Puerto Rico!!!!

    Puerto rico was beautiful!!!! Had fun in the sun @ the beach visiting family. Ahhh how i miss it there. Didnt do any mu while in PR b.c its tooo hot for anything (literally) But the day after we got back Nick too me out on a date to eat Sushi. So this is my DATE LOOK.... CLICK On THUMBNAIL...
  4. hyperRealGurl

    ***Romance me***

    Long time no post... Havnt been wearing MU Lately, But today i decided to go out in public so i decided to put my face on. Clickable Thumbnail: Face: Nc40 MSF Fndn Eyes: Stilife paint as base Shroom as highlight Summer Neutral lid Golden Dusk Piggy Inner V Playful Zeal Cranberry Stars "n"...
  5. hyperRealGurl

    ***~ I Like To Play~***

    With lashes that is..... I had nothing else better to do Eyes: Prep Prime Sea Me Shade stick Blu Brn Piggiy Waternymph moth brown shroom beauty marked Cheapy lashes that i cut to place individually fibre rich lash Eye Shot only.. sorry ladies im a slacker
  6. hyperRealGurl

    Mr. Nicholas Ortalaza

    Yup my 3 year old said something really cute the other day.. and every since he said this.. the comment has been stuck in my head.. And it is TRUE.. Kids do say the darndest things!" DH and I was in the room im watching tv...DH is on the computer... Nicholas walks up to his dad and said...
  7. hyperRealGurl

    My pincurls

    today was a retro feeling day for me.. So i decided to rock the pincurls and rolls
  8. hyperRealGurl

    Finish My Story..........

    lets see how far we can take this...............Ill start ... & everyone else just keep adding to finish the story........ On Monday i went to the M.A.C counter only to find............
  9. hyperRealGurl

    **Lets see how differnt Colors we can guess**

    Lets make this a game....... everyone post a picture of their LIPS ONLY with anytpe of lipcolor.. using any MAC Lipglass, lipstick or anylip products from MAC and our members has to guess the name of the color u have on.... once a memeber gets the name correct reply back with " You've got it"...
  10. hyperRealGurl

    ***I <3 Matrix***

    So my hair has been through hell and back, perm, color, been to lazy to get it trimmed. ( i did get it trimmed last week i have used so many different Pro lines and i think ive finally found the one for my hair. Biolage SMOOTH shampoo and conditioner every other day.... and conditoning balm...
  11. hyperRealGurl

    Spring 2007

    Nars Spring 2007 This collecting consist of colors that are utlerly sexy and sweet. You will find in this collection colors of pretty Corals,Delicate variations of Pink for the lips. And Almond, Charcoal, Plums in the E/s Eyeshadow Duo 2 new shades: * Habanera=$31.00 Color reference...
  12. hyperRealGurl

    Whats New Febuary 2007

    Whats new Febuary 2007 Body Lights Glowing Lotion *You can use this product head to toe, and it will give your skin an all over glow look *This prodcut was manily used by makeup Artisit for photoshoots, now avaiable to our consumers *Gives dull skin an all over radiance, all over glow *This...
  13. hyperRealGurl

    Whats New Febuary 2007

    Shu Uemura Febuary 2007 Rouge Unlimited SpringCollection New patent pending -high tech -hybird, high- pigmented lip rouge *Exclusive hybrid pigments - vivid and pure shades un-replicated by others *High color fidelity - truest color payoff *Rich texture, ultra-smooth application...
  14. hyperRealGurl

    **I have the best Husband In the Whole wide World**

    So im walking around the house trying to pick up ... all the sudden my youngest son.. says "mom there is a blk truck out here' the door bell rings and a black box is sitting in front of the door. I know i didnt order anything... so i thought it was sent to the wrong address.. i IM my husband to...
  15. hyperRealGurl

    P Diddy " last Night"

    I love love love love this song. the beat reaminds me of an old Prince song or something...... anyhooooo so Hawt click here
  16. hyperRealGurl

    **Girls Just Want to have FUN!**

    Subject: Samantha Gibbons Age: 12 she loves to be made up... so i decided to do her hair and MU Face: Loreal Mineral Powder Fndn Fix+ Eyes: Prep&prime Gold Dusk Piggy summer netural e/s naked launch e/s humid e/s too faced Ohh and ahh e/s sumptuous olive e/s blk track f/l M.A.X. 2000 calorie...
  17. hyperRealGurl

    **You've Got Mail** With pics

    So i Ordered some things online.. I must say Standard Shipping is really fast through MAC. My Mini haul.... Fix+ Glissade MSF Espresso E/s Embark E/s Holiday 06 Lip Bag-Fringe:3 Pink Lips Clickable Thumbnails
  18. hyperRealGurl

    Aloette Skin Care System

    I went to a Spa Party Last night and i was introduced to a brand called Aloette... has anyone tried this skin care line out? if so what do you think about it.. how well does it work? Some of the products i tried out last nite was really nice and before i dish out the money for the whole...
  19. hyperRealGurl

    **My Chemical Romance**

    Im really this...... ohhhh yea. anyhow i like him better with dark hair.. the blonde looks strange on him.. hahaha but what does that have to do with the song right?? lol Welcome To The Black Parade
  20. hyperRealGurl

    welcome to the future pplz

    a friend of mines sent me this link