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  1. professionaltart

    Long time no post Specktra!

    Hello my Specktra ladies, whats happening?! Long time no see. I did some lurking and I don't think any of my buddies are around any more. NIKKI : : : : :I got your message & i tried to message u back but it didnt let me!! Im not ignoring you! =) Here's a sad lil FOTD for u guys, I havent...
  2. professionaltart

    Nocturnelle, Kids Helping Kids FOTD

    Today was the biggest day of our Nocturnelle Event. My manager's cousin came and helped us pimp out Kids Helping Kids and it really worked. We all wore the Intense Eye Palette today and I know its hard to tell sorta: I have on Parfait Amour and the dark color i have no idea what its...
  3. professionaltart

    MAC Zombies and a totally random non work related one: It was Passionate & Carbon and that flush is me getting hammered.
  4. professionaltart

    Love my new foundation FOTD

    Prescriptives Virtual Skin <33 Studio Fix Brow Finisher in Brunette Espresso shadow Subtle pigment Innuendo Entremauve (did i spell it right) pigment #7 lashes Cubic blush Sublime Culture cremestick Jubliee lipstick Cute Yet Sexy lip varnish
  5. professionaltart

    NocturnElle FOTD

    Finally got my gratis yaaayyy! Im also in love with a new foundation....Prescriptives Virtual Skin sssshh. I used brow finisher, the waxy pencil thing in Wheat. I like it. On my eyes I have Innuendo, Passionate and Entremauve pigment. Cubic blush. Aloof lipstick and Instant Gold lipglass.
  6. professionaltart

    Untamed Event

    well one day of it, our event was 4 days long but im off tomorrow yaaayy Photobucket sucks so i dont even know if these pics will be big enough: this is tina pants, i did her mask when she got there. i did the same eyemakeup as it says ont he facechart. Shroom, Contrast and Take Wing I...
  7. professionaltart

    whatcha guys think? All Girl Pigment

    and my favorite pic
  8. professionaltart

    MAC live chat.. a sometimes abused resource for customers

    This is indirectly related to this thread: It really really bugs me when people from specktra/LJ/MUA have to go on MAC Live CHat or call counters in their surrounding areas and like ask trivial and mundane questions to try and prove a point. So these people can come back on LJ/Specktra/MUA and...
  9. professionaltart

    i am bored AND hungry **edited fixed pics**

    i hate being hungry so late at night, i tell myself im not gonna eat but im gonna go make a sandwich...ON WHITE BREAD!!! i guess i shouldnt watch Food Network so late at night hahaha anyway: Crystal Avalanche Budding beauty Black Tied Stila Eye Gloss in hot pink MAC glitter in Hottest Pink...
  10. professionaltart


    this is what i wore to work today for my fabulous theme day its tilt and contrast eyeshadow with Peacocky glitter liner, saucepot with Fushcia glitter packed onto the lid. dollymix blush and fabby lipstick. this was taken at the end of the day so im all oily eww
  11. professionaltart

    i cant think of a good title

    i used Royal Hue shadestick Beautiful Iris Beauty marked dazzlelight smolder engraved mascara x dior ultra gloss 181
  12. professionaltart

    16th Annual AIDS Benefit

    As everyone knows MAC's philanthropy is AIDS and my counter was invited to the 16th Annual AIDS Benefit and we were presenting sponsors. Here are two pics: me and the BF some of my counter, not everybody could make it
  13. professionaltart

    I heart Graphic Brown

    they really should make graphic brown fluidline permanent cause i dont like dipdown AT ALL. so today i was late to work cause i overslept so i kept it easy. im also so surprised how clear this picture came out, people keep telling me i have a nice camera but i swear up and down it takes crappy...
  14. professionaltart

    Heat Element FOTD

    heat Element but sprayed with Fix+ Graphic Brown liner Charm Factor and Ciao Manhattan p.s. my face is horibble i have my period
  15. professionaltart

    Orangey Tutorial for the asian girls & everyone else

    I did this for MAC_Lolita even though she requested it like 10,000 years ago. I didn't start with my foundation and etc etc cause Im lazy and i figure everyone just wants to see how to work the no crease/small crease/flat eyelid anyway but apologies in advance for just the eyes. So anyhow, i...
  16. professionaltart

    Lure Event

    today was our Lure event, im so freaking tired! My favorite trainer, jim <33 came to help up body paint a tamed down version of MAC CHinese Dress. the model is actually another artist's sister. i dont know what i was laughing at theres the FOTD of the day part
  17. professionaltart

    Green Eye/tutorial

    Hey i was bored and i did a tutorial! im bad at tutorials so dont laugh anyway heres the end result i only took one pic so it looks like ass. its lucky jake shadestick meadowland steamy plumage engraved liner dior show mascara bronze bronzer springsheen blush sublime culture cremestick...
  18. professionaltart

    green tutorial for the asian girls (and everyone else)

    i really suck at doing tutorials but i like trying! i think that should count for something! the lighting in my bathroom makes me look orange or everything look orange so i had to step out of the bathroom and change the settings around so sorry in advance anyway: yea thats me with no makeup...
  19. professionaltart

    does anyone watch LOST?

    I literally watched Season 1 in 3 days cause I wanted to catch up and then downloaded the first 15 episodes of Season 2. just wanted to kno if anyone else looovedd it too!
  20. professionaltart

    im going to vegas next month!

    i dont know why i titled it that but i am! April 10th! woooo! anyway i only took 2 pics today instead of the 50 i usually take and then pic and choose so here are gross pics Lucky Jake Shadestick Overgrown Nocturnelle Violet Underground liner Mascara X Sublime Culture cremeliner Love Nectar...