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  1. Diva4eva122

    AWESOME NEW MAC 120 PALETTE ONLY 99 DOLLARS ummmm what really got to me was when you scroll down they give you names of all the colors. Sad thing is its just one of those regular 120...
  2. Diva4eva122

    paintpots vs Aqua creams?

    what do you think, I dont own paintpots or Aqua creams because I have heard tooo many stories on cream products drying up too quickly, but now Im starting to cave. Which would be a better product to invest in a few?
  3. Diva4eva122


    Those are discontinued I guess and I cannot find them ANYWHERE. I prefer for them to be new, but if they are not we can work out at something. Reasonable prices pleaseeeeeee
  4. Diva4eva122

    NEED A NEW FOUNDATION and concealer WOC

    well for a while I was using Black Radiance foundation with Iman concealer and NO NOT A GOOD MIX YALL LOL im looking for a new foundation, but idk where to go MUFE, MAC, Iman, Fashion Fair, idk. Also looking for a new concealer since my Iman 1 is never ending lol. Something good for under...
  5. Diva4eva122

    MAC eyeshadow newbie. HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    okay so I am going to be making a 15 pan eyeshadow palette with Mac shadows. BUT IM STUCK I NEED HELP PLEASE. I want it to be neutral and for some info, Im nw 50-55 so i hope that helps out.