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  1. Kuki

    Mac Foundation Colour Troubles

    I am getting FED UP with MAC foundations and the MAs. I'm with yellow undertones but i have freckles and my nose and cheek areas are very pink. I knew for a fact that I am somewhere between NC 25-30. NC 25 is a little too light. NC 30 is too yellow. I've asked many many many many MA's most say...
  2. Kuki

    What's in your make up bag?

    This might have been posted before, but i can't find it anywhere! I'm soo lazy, i put my make up on the morning and by the time i get home in the eve, i look like a beast! so i promised myself, i'm going to organise a little make up bag with a few essentials so to use whilst im out and about...
  3. Kuki

    NC 25 skin with melasma on forehead

    Hello Everyone! I'm an NC 25 on my face, but I've got melasma on my forehead from taking pills (which ive stopped) so my forehead has small darker patches. I love studio fix fluid because the colour on my face everywhere else is PERFECT! but because i have dry skin, the studio fix fluid isn't...
  4. Kuki

    Hello from the Kuki monster! :-)

    Hi guys, Im Kuki. Im from Leicester, UK. Ive been posting for a few days now, and totally missed this out! So i thought id stop by and say hi! I'm 21 years old. Ethnically Persian but my family lived in India. Ive lived in Prague and Warsaw for the past 3 years working as a photographer, and i...