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  1. makeup_queen81

    Any one become pregnant after getting tubes tide?

    i wasn't sure to put this question here or on chatter. Ok i had my second child almost 9 weeks ago and after i had my tubes tide. They told me before i had it done that there is a 1 in 400 chance of getting pregnant. So any one reading this that has children knows that you bleed "like a...
  2. makeup_queen81

    has anyone ever shopped there before...are the glasses real? i really want to buy a pair of sunglasses and i found the pair i want here for a little cheaper, but not sure if i want to risk it Sunglasses Avenue - Designer Sunglasses, Discount Sunglasses
  3. makeup_queen81

    you know you go to Target to much

    when the people that work the concession stand know what you want to order before you even say I thought it was bad enough that the MA's at MAC new who i was..
  4. makeup_queen81

    how to fix nail polish brushes

    ok lets see if i can explain this....i just bought a china glaze n/l and the brush doesn't spread when i am applying the polish... is there any way to fix that? i'm not sure if i explained that right
  5. makeup_queen81

    just a little hauling

    China Glaze in For Audrey and Shower Together Orly in Mint mojito Tarina Tarantino earrings MAC Prep + Prime finishing powder Double ended sharpener Dazzleglass in Goldyrocks Eye Brown crayon in Stud
  6. makeup_queen81

    recommend a face exfoliator

    i am looking for a good exfoliator for my face that i can get at the drugstore..can anyone help me please
  7. makeup_queen81

    Help me get the perfect nude lip

    i was wondering if any of yall could recommend what to use to get the perfect nude lip.......i have tried myth and fleshpot, but still those are not what I'm looking for