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  1. nichollecaren

    MAC Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Collection (2016)

    WOG is cooler. From Top to bottom: WOG, Oh Darling, Becca Topaz. WOG seems more buttery than I remember it too. I had one before and sold it because I felt it was glitter overload. Of course, Becca is smoother and more blendable than both.
  2. nichollecaren

    MAC Custom Palettes!!!

  3. nichollecaren

    ...rec's for me plz?

    Just asking for any general recommendations for me...please help! hope this is more clear! its further to this idea: maybe I did something wrong? should it all be in the one thread? help!
  4. nichollecaren


    So years ago, I was out with a friend who was post baby, trying on formal gowns. She had found an awesome one that looked nice, but somehow didnt flatter her new figure. The sales lady said, 'oh-you just need the right underthings'. Now, I am not post baby, but I have bought this very satiny...
  5. nichollecaren

    Sacha Cosmetics

    Hey everyone...I love this line, but they are no longer available in my country I have a small stash that I would love to share with you guys. Here they are all together row by row: (L-R)Plum Berry Trio, Amethyst Trio (L-R) Frosted White Eyeshadow, Perfect Wendy Eyeshadow,Forest Green...
  6. nichollecaren

    Wild Orchid

    I Used Studio Fix Powder C7 Merrily Blush the e.l.f quad in drama Maybelline colossal mascara creme liner in black revlon Wild Orchid lipstick LOL OMG excuse the background LOL I didnt see it til just now
  7. nichollecaren

    Trying to Glow on a hot day

    Not much makeup today...its HOT here! Face: Merrily Blush MAC P+P Transparent finishing Powder Revlon Floral Affair Blush Peachy Keen Lips Loreal Colour Juice Cherry on Top Eyes: MAC Creme Liner (Black) Zoomlash Mascara Revlon Floral Affair Blush Peachy Keen I think I needed to add some...
  8. nichollecaren

    Bronze Powder Comparison Swatches

    I was on a neverending quest for the perfect goldy/bronzy highlighter...Thought someone could benefit from the fruits of my labour! Revlon A Floral Affair Blush in 'Peachykeen'
  9. nichollecaren

    peacock teal eyes and a cheatn' heart

    I stayed home from work today...rough week. So I decided to try something, here it goes: Eyes: Loreal Hip Liner in Teal (al over lid) MAC Teal Pigment Feline Eye Kohl (not even sure what went wrong with my left eye, pardon that!) Loreal HIP Mascara Sacha loose shadow in Gold MAC Black Black...
  10. nichollecaren

    blush fiend FOTD (pic heavy)

    So! I've fallen in love with blush! this is my first blush ever owned. I loved it so much i went and got another shade. Heres what I used: eyes: emerald green pigment forest green pigment Sacha loose shadow in Gold Avon eyeliner in very black Maybelline colossal mascara blush: Milani...
  11. nichollecaren

    Contoured with extras!

    Hey everyone, Me again!!! Some months back I decided to try to contour my face the way Kevyn Aucoin demonstrated in his book "Making Faces" I used two different shades of foundation only other m/u is lipgloss brow powder, and a light dusting of Revlon Floral Affair Blush in peachy keen all over...
  12. nichollecaren

    NYX Ultra Pearl Gold Rebel ;)

    I decided to do a look with these after I saw someone ask how they were being used---seeing that I barely use mine! I used: Face-Blot powder *dark* *Chocolate brown* powder (cheek contour) Mineralized blush *Light over dark* (highlight) Lips - Loreal Iced latte mixed with Nyx *Mocha* Ultra...
  13. nichollecaren

    Rebel Rockin' FOTD

    This look was so much fun I used some random Avon brow crayon Rebel Rock Blue pigment- lid and waterline Black Black Pigment A silver eyeshadow from maybelline (sorry, dont know the name of it) Revlon Colorstay Liquid liner and Loreal Colour Juice in Tuti Fruti Light over Dark Blush Chocolate...
  14. nichollecaren

    Something old, something new

    Hey all, two in one is my all time fave look, which I did with pigments lipgloss and fingertips. No kidding. lol I used : *Vanilla* p/m, *Deep Blue Green* p/m, and *Teal* p/m The Gloss is Loral Color Juice *Cherry on top*. Today, i'm wearing *layin' low* Paint pot, Revlon...
  15. nichollecaren

    5 month pigment sample haul...oooh I love my babies!

    By jesusgirl82, shot with u710,S710 at 2009-05-09] I accumulated these since December last year...I swear its an addiction! I'm a little lost as to how I can store them and the rest that are to come---along with the nyx ones...I have the plastic drawer system, but its a tidy mess. I'm strapped...
  16. nichollecaren

    lined up FOTD

    I decided to use eyeliner once and for all...and use it I did! I'm wearing: Vanilla pigment- highlight black black pigment -crease deep brown pigment (all over- contour, etc) Revlon peachy keen blush Loreal Lipgloss- iced latte Revlon Colorstay Liquid eyeliner (this did not look black enough...
  17. nichollecaren

    Unpretty FOTD

    Well, tonight I decided to try out my crown brushes I used: Loreal Wear Infinite Eyeshadow *Buttercup* Loreal HIP color rich crayon - *authentic* MAC pigment *forest Green* Covergirl eyeshadow *first light* Sacha Loose Eyeshadow *yellow gold* MAC *Black Black* pigment (eyeliner and crease)...
  18. nichollecaren

    Crown Brush Haul

    YAY my brushes arrived (finally) They came in a ratty box, I figure it mustve had quite a trip! I got: IB101 CHISEL DELUXE DOME POWDER - $15.95 IB103 FLAT BRONZER - $10.95 IB104 DELUXE SOFT FAN - $5.89 IB106 ANGLE BLUSH...
  19. nichollecaren

    Revlon A Floral Affair Blush in Peachy Keen

    Hey all, I went through a lot before finding this product, I thought I would share. I was just getting into makeup and determined to achieve a J-Lo glow. I tried every bronzer i could find. I started with MAC Gold deposit (yeah started from the top). I found I got more glitter and shine, than I...
  20. nichollecaren

    milani red carpet before it hits the trash

    hey everybody, my first fotd! I've had this lipstick ever since i saw Rihanna in bright red in her 'take a bow' video. I have never worn it outside my bathroom! lol So after offering my sis, then my mom, then my best friend (all refused) I decided to see what i could do to make it work. I'm...