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  1. simplyenchantin

    Illamasqua - Sydney

    Mods please delete
  2. simplyenchantin


    This is a dumb question, but I was messing around with some falsies earlier and was washing the glue off in warm water, and now they are all bent and look crappy.. is there anyway to fix them or should I just bin them
  3. simplyenchantin

    Ebay seller: rogiebear040104

    Hey everyone, Just noticed this seller on ebay selling heaps of various eyeshadows.. I did a search on specktra and couldn't find anything. Does anyone know if the seller is legit? They appear to be based in Australia.. Here is a link to one of the listings...
  4. simplyenchantin

    Hi from AU everyone! :D

    Hi Everyone! I think I've been doing things a bit backwards... I've been trying to post more recently as opposed to lurking and this probably should've been an earlier post hehe! So yeah, I totally love MAC and have for a few years now and whenever I have spare cash I blow it on MAC hehe...