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  1. CrimsonQuill157

    Working remote–what are your thoughts?

    I work in customer service and I am loving it. I'm a homebody anyway so it works well for me. Plus it shaves off a 30 minute commute to most places since I live in a smaller town. More sleep 😴
  2. CrimsonQuill157

    Why MAC cosmetics is so expensive?

    I admit I balked when I saw the lipstick prices. Last time I bought MAC they were $15!
  3. CrimsonQuill157

    Lime Crime Lipstick

    I am FURIOUS! Seller sent two ignorant and nasty messages.
  4. CrimsonQuill157

    MAC Dita Von Teese (Dec 9, 2015)

    I love this lipstick!
  5. CrimsonQuill157

    I think I bought a fake Cyber from a MAC store?

    I bought MAC Cyber at a MAC counter in Belk. However, when I got it home, I noticed that the name on the top of the box was on a sticker rather than printed on the box and the barcode was also a sticker. I've never bought a MAC lipstick that the box was like this. I'm hoping it's not fake but I...