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  1. sgr2008

    Please tell me I am not crazy ...

    Hello, I am back.... and I think I am crazy I don't know about you, but the reason why I was not using some of my products more often is because I could not find them when I needed them... so I decided to organize everything in my drawers... ...but, still, I could not find "the"...
  2. sgr2008

    My big brush haul

    Hi I have been lemming Hakuhodo brushes for a long time before I decided to do something about it ! I have received my last Hakuhodo order on Monday and wanted to share with you what I had ordered from them so far... I am a Mac brush lover but I needed some other...
  3. sgr2008

    Accidental Haul :)

    Hello :) I took my afternoon off to compensate for my overtime at the office, it was sooo hot today ! The shops were a nice hideout but... of course while browsing the beauty department I found several items that I instantly loved. A Lancome quad in Blondette Fatale (neutral...
  4. sgr2008

    Very dry skin - what moisturizers or special skin care routine could help ?

    Hi girls and boys ! I have always had very dry skin, so dry that foundation was an item I could only dream about. I could never use foundation and I had to apply face cream every two hours, otherwise I had dry patches. I found a new face moisturizer (Laura Mercier Repair cream)...
  5. sgr2008

    My stash ... after so many years into makeup :)

    Hi, I have been into makeup for a looong time and it is a bit big today... I finally got my shelves :) I managed to get only two but it is better than nothing :oP 1st drawer : 2nd drawer : and the third !!! pheww
  6. sgr2008

    Hi everyone :)

    Hello ! I am Sonia, Spanish girl living in small charming Switzerland, where sharing this passion is just not very easy at all. First reason is because I work sorrounded only by men (macho geek sort of type) and second reason is because I leave in a tiny tiny ski resort were talking about...