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  1. katie_070405

    Matt Murphy Bags/Cases.....anyone know how much they were??

    Specifically the carry all that Oprah raved about. I know the 4 small square ones were sold separately from the outside case & just wanted to know how much they all retailed for. If anyone can remember that is. TIA!!
  2. katie_070405

    Please report this person!!

    Ebay seller fino_cosmetica is obviously selling fake MAC. Just take a look link Please report this person so the poor people bidding don't have to pay for these fake items. Look at the sellers other items....Fake, Fake, Fake. It just makes me sick.
  3. katie_070405

    Lip conditioner repackage!!

    oh.....I love the new lip/tinted lip conditioner packaging. It looks like a glass jar with a black top. (opposed to the plastic w/white lid) It actually looks alot like the fluidline containers, but larger.
  4. katie_070405

    How many swipes does it take??

    How many swipes does it take to hit pan on an eyeshadow? I don't know why this question just popped into my head, but I'd like to know.....or at least get some good guesses.
  5. katie_070405

    Is this new??

    while looking for the silverette case on mac pro, I stumbled across this small pink sateen bag. Anyone know when this came out? Purse-sized zip-up makeup bag in jewel-toned pink sateen fabric. Takes a party mix of lipstick and more. M·A·C store exclusive! 6” X 3 ½” X 2 ¾”. 15 cm x 9 cm x 7...
  6. katie_070405

    Pro class in Atlanta?

    I was wondering if anyone else is attending the pro class on bridal makeup offered this sunday in atlanta. This is my first time attending any pro classes and was wondering if anyone had any tips or would like to meet up. plmk
  7. katie_070405

    Pret a Porter lip brush...not the 316

    I noticed in the description of the pret a porter brush collection that it says the 316 is a retractable lip brush. Since the 316 is not retractable I decided to investigate. lol....anyway I got onto live chat and vanessa confirmed that the 318 (which is retractable) is included.....not 316...
  8. katie_070405

    I found Pics of Formal Black!!!

    [/IMG] not sure about prices, but thought I'd share these pics with everyone.
  9. katie_070405

    Golden Lemon Pigment?

    On the website it says it's LE. But, as far as I know it is a regular color. Anyone know about this?
  10. katie_070405

    Shimpagne is back on website

    Just thought I'd let everyone know that Shimpagne is back on the site if anyone still needs it....or backups.
  11. katie_070405

    My first FOTD post

    This makeup was done on my 15 year old cousin for a beauty pageant. My camera isn't the best for close-ups....but it works well enough.
  12. katie_070405

    Mac 8 pan palette??

    Is there an 8 pan palette? I know they don't show up on the pro website, and I guess I should have asked when I was at the store yesterday...but I didn't. I bought a 15 pan palette and the sticker on the box says small. So...that leads me to believe there is a large...possibly to hold 8 of the...
  13. katie_070405

    softwash grey

    if anyone is looking for softwash grey, they still have it at parisian in franklin, TN. The number is (615) 771-3233 . I'm not sure about gold dusk....i was in a hurry and stopped buy for a minute. They had all of she shines and also softwash grey. Also some of the e/s from sundressing...
  14. katie_070405

    Pearlizers?? I just got addicted to pearlizers with the hooked collection and have since decided I want them all. I have Good as Gold, Aripeach....and found Opulent, and Ever Opal at CCO while on vacation (swweeet). Here is my list so far.... Pearlette Opulent Ever Opal Quiver Hundred Degrees Good...
  15. katie_070405

    Pigments larger in UK?

    I went on the UK website to take a peak at she-shines pigments, and it has two prices for them. It says L15.00 for 7.5g (standard size for the US) and L20.00 for a 10g jar. Can I order off the UK site? Why do they get the big jars?