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  1. Zephyra

    Royal blue eye look recommendations?

    Friday is National Dress in Blue Day for colorectal cancer awareness and since I have a lot of personal ties to the disease, I will be wearing my blue t-shirt and asking people if they're on schedule for screening. I thought it might be fun to color-coordinate my eyes. Any suggestions for a...
  2. Zephyra

    Scalp trouble: Maybe reacting to shampoo? Advice?

    I have very long, fine, natural hair. I almost always air-dry it; I almost never use products because mostly I just throw it in a bun, ponytail, or braid. My hair is actually in great shape. The problem is my scalp. I've been using Nioxin cleanser and scalp therapy for years now. I love the...
  3. Zephyra

    Is there a dupe for the 217?

    I have searched a few times trying to find an answer to this, so I apologize if it's already been discussed (and I would appreciate it if you could point me to relevant threads). Is there a dupe for the MAC 217 brush? I recently tried it with my paint pots and did I not know...
  4. Zephyra

    Easy products for self-conscious mom on chemotherapy?

    Hi All, My mom is on chemotherapy (not for cancer) and is losing her hair, which is making her very self-conscious. To make matters worse, she is recently single again for the first time in 28 years. She is 63 and has never particularly worn makeup, but is interested in trying something now...