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    Cosmetic Dentistry in Charlotte

    Where is "here"?
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    Resolution Mindful Buy 2023

    This place in general has been largely dead for a long time. Pretty much any makeup discussion to be had is going on elsewhere (IG, FB, various subreddits), and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon. My mindful buy year has gone fairly well. I think I've been happy with most of the...
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    Forehead Wrinkles UGGHHHHHHH

    Organic skincare will not do anything for wrinkles. No skincare product will get rid of them. The only ways are Botox or surgery.
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    :wavey: Welcome!
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    How often do you shampoo your hair?

    Two or three times a week, never on consecutive days. Your hair likely gets oily so quickly because you're washing it so frequently. You're constantly stripping it of its natural oils which means it has to overproduce oil to compensate for that. Try washing less frequently — maybe other day...
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    Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorials for Summer

    You were disrespectful — first to men, and now to me (as well as patronizing!) because I called you out on it. That is unacceptable. I am locking this thread.
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    NEWBIE. Concealer Shade confused 😕

    You don't want to go too light. You could buy NC/NW 35 and 40 and mix them.
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    NEWBIE. Concealer Shade confused 😕

    You’ll likely wear the same shades in their concealers, plus maybe a slightly lighter shade if you want to brighten under the eyes.
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    NEWBIE. Concealer Shade confused 😕

    NW44 in which MAC product? (Some MAC complexion products run lighter or darker than Studio Fix Fluid.)
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    Recent hospital stay left me looking like zombi any tips?

    You could apply blush with a lighter hand, or by picking up some product and taking most of it off on the back or palm of your hand before applying it to the cheeks. Similar with highlighter. I can't help you much in terms of looking for a carry case, unfortunately.
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    Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorials for Summer

    There are men who are members here who understand makeup perfectly (one of them is a working makeup artist for film and TV). There are other men who aren't members here who understand it. So you (and the idea the OP initially introduced almost seven years ago now) can take this rubbish point of...
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    makeup dupes of benefit erase?

    Why not splurge on the real deal?
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    General Chanel Chat

    Chanel is not a "budget-friendly" brand.
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    Retinol burns

    You need to tell them. They will know the best way to help you. And once your skin is fixed, do not go above the percentage of tretinoin you're prescribed.
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    Retinol burns

    Have you seen a dermatologist about this?
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    Do you Trust your Hairstylist?

    My stylist has rarely recommended products for my hair, and has never tried to sell me anything.
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    :wavey: Welcome!
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    Resolution Mindful Buy 2023

    (2022 thread) 2023 marks nine-plus years since the first Low-Buy thread was started on here way back in December 2013 (that thread was focused on 2014)! Last year I decided to change the name to Mindful Buy to focus less on the amount of money spent on makeup (although that can be helpful for...
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    We are a beauty Youtube channel? How can i promote us correctly within the guidelines?

    You can say you have a video about a thing, but you cannot link to it or embed it directly. Just say there's a link to your channel in your forum signature (you are allowed to do that). The point of that rule I shared is to encourage users to engage with the forums without doing self-promotion...
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    Resolution Mindful Buy 2022

    My total makeup spending for 2022 was 54 percent less than what I spent in 2021, and pretty much everything I bought is something I've enjoyed using. I'm still thinking a little bit about what I'd like to focus on in 2023.