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  1. j babyy

    Smokey Eyes Revival

    So I havent posted here in at least 2 years probably buuut i decided I am going to start again. I took these pics with the webcam of my macbook so they arent the best but it will do for now. Hope you like it! Face: Lubriderm Moisturizer Tarte 4-in-1 concealer under eyes and for imperfections...
  2. j babyy

    ahh! im so excited

    im not sure if this is the right place for this so mods feel free to move it if need be. but anyone whose looking into becoming a freelance artist and is just starting out check out I just emailed a few artists in LA area who live near me and just got a reply and im...
  3. j babyy

    prom fotd

    so neither of these pics were taken for makeup so they might not be the best. but i got a million compliments about my friends makeup. i think its probably the best ive done on someone else. but let me know what you think this i my friend...
  4. j babyy

    Sundressing-south coast

    just wondering if anyone is going to the sundressing launch at south coast plaza on may 2? just got my invite and i cant wait to go. just wanted to see if ill see any fellow specktra-ettes there hehe <3
  5. j babyy

    breastore+resume help

    So im going to the brea store today to pick up an app. ill be 18 2 weeks so i have about that amount of time to get all my things ready to apply. i was just wondering if anyone here works at the brea store and knows who would be the best to talk to/ what to say when i turn in all my stuff to get...
  6. j babyy

    =bright sonrisa inspired=

    so i was bored sitting at home alone today while the bf was out doing god knows what with his friends lol. so i decided to do a bright look inspired by the lovely sonrisa <3 comments please. good or not so much... lol
  7. j babyy

    ::2 fotds and prom dress makeup::

    so heres a fotd i did a few days ago..looked alot better in person but this one looks alright i suppose and excuse the face in this one. not too attractive. was my fotn last night just hanging out with the bf and some of his friends. looked really amazing in person once again. i need to get...
  8. j babyy

    recs for prom makeup

    so i was sitting thinking of what kind of makeup i should do for my prom. cause its my senior year, last dance, and i wanna look hot! oh and mines the one on the left... <3
  9. j babyy

    going to CCO next week

    hey yall well i think since im always at the mac store that i should change it up a bit and go to the CCO thats about an hour from here. I was just wondering what fun shadows/lip color/skinfinishes etc that you think are a must have that i should look for when im out there tia!
  10. j babyy

    first smokey look

    so this was my first really attempt at doing a smokey its not too love to hear what yall think and what you think would make it better! oh and p.s. apparently i liked kissy faces yesterday and im too lazy too post what i used so if you wanna know just ask
  11. j babyy

    =sonrisa inspired=

    face- covergirl aquasmooth foundation nw 25 studio fix bronze b/p petticoat msf? eyes- bare canvas paint bamboo e/s charcoal brown e/s dazzle light e/s honeylust e/s blacktrack f/l loreal volume shocking mascara-white side only clinique mascara face-same as above eyes- beiging s/s gorgeous...
  12. j babyy

    expensive gleam

    just a whatever fotd today...doenst look very exciting in the pisc but looks pretty cool in real life face-covergirl aquasmooth foundation-buff beige nw 25 studiofix bronze b/p margin blush eyes- beiging s/s love bud e/s expensive pink e/s coppering e/s gleam e/s goldenaire pig iris print e/s...
  13. j babyy

    =3 fotds=

    culturebloom fotd and i stole this from iiifugaziii cause shes amazing and im not creative grrr baby! didnt get any good pics of the face of this look. just boring neutrals anyways if you wanna know what i used just ask! let me know what you think <3
  14. j babyy

    2 fotds- bronzed swimming

    this is my get ready in 5 mins fotd. like my ghetto bandana? lol oh and excuse my massive zit. i have no photoshop skills face- nw 25 studiofix bronze b/p eyes- bare canvas paint all over bronze b/p in crease variety ccb as highlight beauty marked e/s as eyeliner loreal double extend...
  15. j babyy

    no creative name today

    just a whatever fotd today. im not too happy with it face- nw 25 studiofix some random foundation sample petticoat msf eyes- prep+prime seedy pearl e/s satin taupe e/s folie e/s sushi flower e/s dazzlelight e/s blacktrack f/l loreal double extend mascara #20 kinda obsessed with...
  16. j babyy

    =goldy locks=

    heres my..igotreadyin10minscauseiwokeuplate fotd face- nw 25 studiofix petticoat msf eyes- beiging s/s all over shroom e/s all over goldmine e/s in crease gold pigment in crease lightly blacktrack f/l loreal mascara lips- of corset l/g <3
  17. j babyy

    with you standin there baby i swear I cant help but stare

    pretty much josh gracin is the love of my life saw him at house of blues at downtown disney the other night and i cant get his amazing songs outta my head! bei ging s/s thunder e/s on eyelid rye e/s inner v sketch e/s outer v scarab e/s lower liner shroom e/s browbone blacktrack...
  18. j babyy

    winter formal fotn

    ok so heres my fotn for my last winter formal let me know what ya think! face- nc 30 studio stick nw 25 studio fix bronze b/p petticoat msf eyes- bei-ging s/s goldmine e/s rule e/s coppering e/s shroom e/s expenisve pink e/s gleam e/s honeylust e/s blacktrack f/l lips- prep + prime hover...
  19. j babyy


    dorky pics but oh well prep+prime electra e/s jewel blue e/s deep truth e/s blacktrack f/l petticoat msf of corset l/g
  20. j babyy

    =no creative names today=

    random fotds the pics basically suck but oh well. prep&prime goldmine e/s rule e/s coppering e/s shroom e/s blacktrack f/l bronze b/p oh. and this look was inspired by miss alexa. <3 bare canvas paint lucky jade s/s juxt e/s swimming e/s print e/s blacktrack f/l dazzlelight e/s