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  1. kristakamikaze

    Her hands are all twisted

    She's pointing at me. Haven't posted any makeup looks on here in ages! [because I really haven't done any!] [excuse my craptastical eyebrows] Products used UDPP MAC - stars n' rockets & Shadowy lady & silverwear UD- asphyxia some random highlight colour xD Jane mineral Gel liner-black Avon...
  2. kristakamikaze

    So, what you're saying is...

    I'm your brand of heroin? Yes, you are exactly my brand of heroin. Twilight<3 anywho Products : Maybelline mineral power concealor, mineral foundation L'oreal HIP cream paint :Secretive L'oreal HIP pigment: Rebel + visine = liner L'oreal wear infinite : Lush raven No name: brown , shimmery...
  3. kristakamikaze

    Breathe for love tomorrow

    cos there's no hope, for today. Paramore is awesome! anways :P I only did my eyes today so L'oreal HIP paint : Secretive L'oreal HIP duo: Showy [light side] MAC e/s : Hoppin' + Moodring Revlon Colorstay liquid liner : Black Sparkle Avon Ultra Luxury Liner : Black Max Factor : Lash...
  4. kristakamikaze

    Adventurous woodwinking

    haha wow good one Krista anyways Eyes: MAC e/s - woodwinked MAC e/s-Hoppin' L'oreal HIP e/s - Adventurous [light side as lid colour, orange side under bottom lashes] Almay liquid liner [brown] Almay pencil liner [black] Covergirl lash blast mascara [brown] Face : Physicians formula- green...
  5. kristakamikaze

    Very first trip

    to the MAC store!!! I got an empty 15pan pallete woodwinked freshwater beauty marked amber lights
  6. kristakamikaze

    2 eotds

    this one was a few days ago used : MAC medallion, trophy pink, shadowy lady, cloudburst L'oreal : lush raven , telescopic liquid liner, HIP cream pain in Secretive Cover girl Lashblast Avon super full mascara L'oreal HIP paint in secretive, Revlon black sparkle liner Aziza neutral pallete...
  7. kristakamikaze

    eyeshadow pans

    I've been looking in quite a few places, but I just can't find anything But, can you get just e/s pans at a MAC store? [not counter]
  8. kristakamikaze

    swimming in silver

    products L'oreal cream paint : secretive MAC eyeshadow :Swimming MAC eyeshadow: Silverwear MAC eyeshadow: Hoppin' Almay liner :black Maybelline Define-a-lash volume mascara : black thanks for lookin'
  9. kristakamikaze

    i got a slow start,

    with heatherette, and i decided i only really wanted trio one, ive not slept in 20 hours,>.< but here goes used: HIP cream paint [base] :secretive trio 1, HIP cream liner in teal max factor mascara avon ultra luxery liner
  10. kristakamikaze

    i was wondering..Advice needed for Endless Love ES

    im not sure where to post this, but has anybody had issues with endless love e/s ive had it for awhile, and i just cant get it to work for me
  11. kristakamikaze

    when ever i post here it usually has someting to do with pink.....

    and again. it does lolol but this is sorta different for me never been good at blending light/dark colours what i used : L'oreal HIP cream shadow paint : secretive Bigelow frosty mentha lipshine maybelline mineral power concealor physicians formula green colour corrector Avon under eye...
  12. kristakamikaze

    i finally got a traincase! [photos]

    I'm posting this, for my new traincase, and an update on my collection! i got it from for 50$. all the way open And my collection update the 12 pc brush set from E.L.F, and my lonely HIP liner brush. the E.L.F brushes are : l to r. total face brush, bronzing brush, foundation...
  13. kristakamikaze

    medallion =]

    i used : MAC royal assets pallete [medallion, trophy pink] revlon cream colour quad [white,forbase] E.L.F brightening eye liner [black] bonne bell eyestyles liner [black, for waterline] E.L.F mascara duo thanks for looking =]
  14. kristakamikaze

    What MAC pigment is this...

    my friend gave me her half empty pot of MAC pigment, but the name has worn off, i put it in a smaller jar. and i would LOVE to know what its called... VERRY sorry for the shitty photos. my good camera died = thanx soo much for your help
  15. kristakamikaze

    My little chemical romance

    so i grapped a shirt this morning and it was my My Chemical Romance shirt and it inspired me to do a red/black eye today! What i used : Revlon Cream Quad (red shade) for a base, REBEL red eyeshadow from hottopic, black from a hottopic eyeshadow duo <3
  16. kristakamikaze


    USED : Revlon cream quad for a base H.I.P duo in Riotous liner/mascara [too lazy to type it up =/ ] idk why it looks yellow its a lime green and hunter green colour
  17. kristakamikaze

    a look im tottally not used to

    brown shimmer+brown shadow what i Used L'oreal on-the-loose shimmering powder orb. L'oreal H.I.P duo in bustling. Avon daring curves, and super full mascara. Bonne Belle eyestyles liner i had to hurry badly this morning so its not great >.<
  18. kristakamikaze

    Passionate endless love

    I was having issues with my MAC today it just didnt want to be my friend Either did my eyes, they kept watering, so after a half hour of touch ups and what not heres my look for today Eyes: Passionate , Endless Love e/s, Bonne Belle eyestyles black eyeliner, Avon super full mascara. pretty...
  19. kristakamikaze

    my haul that im ordering for christmas...

    im finally adding onto my MAC stuff since ive lost all my others so im getting Royal Assests: 6 Cool Eyes Mcqueen: Haunting , Pagan Regular e/s in :Aquadisiac, Electric Eel, Stars N' Rockets, Post Haste, Chrome Yellow. im dead excited
  20. kristakamikaze

    My small makeup collection

    I dont own hardly ANY mac at the moment =[ mine got all lost so i had to start all over so heres my collection at the moment. L'oreal H.I.P duos : Riotous, Reckless, Bustling, Flamboyant,Roaring MAC: Passionate, Endless Love Avon : Candy Sweets Quad, some puprle thing, Purple Dreams Quad...