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  1. rororebel

    Boi-ing by Benefit for WOC?

    Hi! I'm an NC45/50 girl who seems to have been "blessed" with dark "NW55-esque" under eye circles which I reallyreally need to get rid of. I sleep 9 hours a night and drink nothing but water and milk mostly and have a relatively decent diet. I think they are genetic (from my mum, I think) and...
  2. rororebel

    Concealer: Before or After foundation?

    Hey! I've been wearing make-up for a few years now and I've always thought that concealer goes on *before* foundation. Recently I was getting ready with a friend and she started laughing as I put my concealer under my foundation! Apparently she has always been taught to put concealer on top...
  3. rororebel

    Working for Benefit Cosmetics?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone is curently working or has worked for Benefit? I really want a job there and wanted to know what your experiences were like. Good or bad! Also what does their interview process entail? Thanks!
  4. rororebel

    Estee Lauder (UK)- I got shortlisted!

    Hey! I've been lurkying about on here for a while getting tips for my Estee Lauder interview which was today.All the threads have been very useful! The district manager called and said that I've been shortlisted and to come to meet the branch manager on Tuesday. I reallyreallyreally want...