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  1. rosenbud

    Winter Boots

    Its that time of the year and I am hunting around for a good pair of Boots to see me through the British weather and just thought it would be nice to have a thread of Boot 'porn' . What are you all wearing this fall and winter or what are you considering purchasing? I have my eye on the...
  2. rosenbud

    Fun Jewellry Poll

    OK gals so after Make-up, Bags, Clothes....what do we all love....yes our BLING BLING 1/Do you go for Yellow Gold, White Gold, Platinum or Silver? 2/What is your most beloved and prized piece of Jewellry? 3/What piece of Jewellry do you feel naked without? 4/So you are getting ready for a...
  3. rosenbud

    Question about MAC Tool Belts r/o

    Can they be used as a regular bursh roll as well as a tool belt and if used as a brush roll do they have a fastening device?
  4. rosenbud

    New MAC Train Case?

    Does anyone know if MAC are bringing out a new and improved MAC Train Case to replace the old one? I remember reading a thread a couple of months ago about this, that it was due to come out in December, if so I really want one! .
  5. rosenbud

    Help me choose a neutral eye look.

    I need some help in choosing some MAC e/s for a neutral eye, I have a budget and can only afford 4 just now. I am a complete novice too!!! I am NC25/30 with olive eyes, dark blue undereye circles, dark blonde hair and I also get quite a few blemlishes. My complexion tends to always need warming...
  6. rosenbud

    MAC UK Aiport exclusive palettes?

    Hi everyone, I normally come and read all the threads here and this is my first time posting, I am in awe of you guys:notworthy: I was wondering if anyone can help me out, my parents are going on holiday some time in Sept/Oct and will be flying from Manchester airport. They always pick up some...
  7. rosenbud

    Milani Bronzer

    Hi everyone, I love the Luminous blush and as it is a dupe of Nars Orgasm...what a bargain!!! OK so does anyone know if there is a Milani dupe for Nars Laguna?