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  1. Angel Of Moon

    hey sunshine ! first FOTD

    hi everyone, hope u can see it good. if not, ill post again things used - face\ # studio fix fluid # CCB - pearl # blush - plum foolery eyes \ # maybelline line definer # maybelline COLOSSAL volum mascara # MAC - mineralize ODD COUPLE # for hilight - just cheap israeli brand...
  2. Angel Of Moon

    Guerlain Loose Kohl ???

    someone know this product? i really want to buy this loose kohl is it worth the price ? thnx
  3. Angel Of Moon

    First tutorial - Exboyfriend choice

    hey yo' this is my first tutorial.... i did a really simple look, that my exboyfriend liked this look a lot <3 but anyway we broke up... anyway my piercing is also kinda new so its still red...bahh sorry about all the mistakes....if u didnt understand somthin - ASK ME ok so i used - -...
  4. Angel Of Moon

    first visit ever at MAC

    i read here really a lot .. and allways heard good things about MAC.. so , last week i had 18 birthday and my uncle from michigen (im from israel) sent me his credit card to buy me a nice gift so the first thing i thought about it was "macccccc" ok so i went to the closest store and i bought...
  5. Angel Of Moon

    Hashmi Kajal - someone know ?

    hi im from israel and looking for "real" arab kajal... i found this , but i dont think we have this in israel... ! does someone know where to get it ? someone saw it ?? here's the site.......... HASHMI SURMI SPECIAL plz tell me if u know..