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  1. Jackie O

    Pics from my very first photoshoot! :D

    So a friend of mine, who's an awesome photographer based out the Inland Empire, California named Stella Simona offered to take some photos of me and of course I couldn't resist! I was really interested in getting at least a headshot, and a decent photo for when I get business cards done. Here's...
  2. Jackie O

    Give me LIBERTY Of London!

    Oh boy, what a sexy collection! MY favorite is the Birds & Berries eyeshadow, wooo wee. It's a must have. ALL of the lipsticks/lipglasses are amazing. Seriously, there's not one I didn't like! Anyhow, here's what I used for my look I don't have all the shadow colors from the collection so this...
  3. Jackie O

    Oh Specktra, how I've missed thee (pic heavy)

    Sidenote, I decided to go with a lighter hair color for spring, yay me! I haven't been on here in a while, hope all is well with everyone!! I call this look "Golden Lemon with a POP of Teal" I am trying desperately, as we speak, to upload this tutorial on youtube but it is just NOT having it...
  4. Jackie O

    Spring Colour Forecast!!!

    First and foremost let me just say that I am pissed I have not gotten my gratis for this collection yet!! But any woman of color should definitely cop some bits and pieces from this collection. There's honestly something for EVERYONE, I dare you to go into MAC and not find at least ONE thing...
  5. Jackie O

    Spring Colour Forecast (picture heavy)

    so let me just say I love love love this collection! as many of you may know, there are four different color stories (purple, pink, peach, and bronze) I took different colors from each collection and came up with this eyes: Studio Finish Concealer in NW45 as a primer NYX jumbo pencil in Milk...
  6. Jackie O

    Blue Flame!!!! (Picture heavy)

    So blue's are starting to become one of my new favorite colors, mainly because it's the color I get the most compliments on lol Products used NYX Jumbo Pencils in Black Bean and Milk Typographic e/s (crease) Contrast e/s (crease) Deep Truth e/s (crease) Blue Flame (limited, but may still be in...
  7. Jackie O

    Friday night/Freakum dress makeup!!! (pic heavy)

    This look was inspired by Beyonce's song "Freakum Dress" (if you haven't already heard it, check it out lol) it's definetely one of those songs you and your girls play in the car on the way to the club. The look I created obviously is NOT your everyday neutral smokey eye! I was feeling a...
  8. Jackie O

    Friday night/Freakum dress makeup tutorial!

    it's pretty self explanatory! lol this look is NOT your everyday "neutral smokey eye" so grab your favorite "freakum dress", stilletos and rock this look tonight, I'll show you how, from start to finish!! YouTube - Friday Night Club Makeup/Outfit of the Night
  9. Jackie O

    Gorgeous Gold?!!?!? (pic heavy)

    When I first saw MAC's Gorgeous Gold I was like YUCK! What the heck am I supposed to do with that? It was one of my coworkers who put me up on game about this color, it's gorgeous with teals!! (IE Steamy, Shimmermoss, etc) because it has little bits of green in it, check it out! I'm wearing...
  10. Jackie O

    MAC's Love Lace!!! (Picture heavy)

    So I just recieved a few products from the new Love Lace collection. At first I'm not gonna lie, I thought, wtf am I gonna do with this. But then I kind of played with the eye shadow colors and I liked it! The lip products I'm not crazy about, they are gorgeous on fairer skin women, or maybe...
  11. Jackie O

    WOW I've been MIA (PICTURE HEAVY!!)

    It seems like I haven't been here forever! Last post I was updating everyone on my new MAC job. It's been about a month and a half now and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I just wanted to show you guys some looks I've been wearing to work!!! Eyeshadows used: Steamy (Lid) Prussian (outter corner)...
  12. Jackie O

    Today was my first day!

    At my MAC job! Woo! I was SO excited, thank fully today is a Monday so things were kind of slow so I was able to absorb information better. I'm just really looking forward to meeting and networking with new people, I truly adore this company and worked so hard to get the position. I was a new...
  13. Jackie O

    Catwalk inspired contest entry!

    Lately I've really been diggin the whole "high fashion" makeup looks because their so extreme and abstract! This look was a contest entry I did for a girl I'm subscribed to on youtube. PLEASE NOTE: YES I did my eyebrows like that intentionally! And yes I do actually have eyebrows! lol I just...
  14. Jackie O

    E.L.F. Inspired

    So someone emailed me this picture on youtube saying they really liked this look (they found it on the E.L.F. website) and wanted me to do a tutorial recreating the look! I posted it on youtube about a week ago, tell me what yall think! Just so you guys know, I did not use any ELF eyeshadows...
  15. Jackie O

    High Fashion Inspired

    This was my inspiration, it reminded of me of something very high fashion/runway inspired. So I did my own version I feel like I look strange when I don't smile lol. PRODUCTS USED Manly 120 Palette MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW45 Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Deep Dark Brow...
  16. Jackie O

    who loves Stars N' Rockets?! I DO!

    Stars N' Rockets and Sketch from MAC look GORGEOUS together! If you're really into purples like I am, I think you might like this look. Sidenote: this was how I did my makeup for my second MAC interview last week YouTube - Stars N' Rockets
  17. Jackie O

    Perfect pink lips for NW45 girls! :)

    Sometimes when I go to MAC and ask them to show me some pink shades they have me looking like a hot mess! lol I finally found what I call the perfect pink shade for me, and most likely some ladies out there that have my same tone might like this one!! I'm so happy! Shout out to my girl Jordana...
  18. Jackie O

    How to use Club eyeshadow by MAC

    If any of you own Club eyeshadow by MAC you know how tricky it is to really get the color to stand out the way it looks on the pan. I don't know if it was just me or not lol but anywho in this tutorial I show you how to make the color really stand out. Club also looks great with Steamy, hope you...
  19. Jackie O

    Aloha from Hawaii :)

    Hi everyone! I'm Jackie coming at you guy's all the way from the Aloha state. I'm Cali girl at heart, born & raised but me and my husband are both stationed here (he's active Army, I'm reserves). I just truly have a passion for makeup and Makeup Art Cosmetics. A lot of these new lines coming out...