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  1. MarieLisa_Smile

    It feels so good to be back! -Usher

    After 3 years I'm finally coming back! Man, I miss this place a lot! I used to be on Specktra A LOT way back in 2006. I was really addicted to this site. Hehe. I don't know if anyone remember me since it has been forever. Well, I can't wait to contribute more to the forum. Can I get a chooo choo?
  2. MarieLisa_Smile

    Yay Me!

    Hey Ladies! Remember me? I've been really busy lately, but great news. I finally graduated. Lol I'll post more when I get the chance!
  3. MarieLisa_Smile

    She Bangs...

    my beautiful long black hair.. its actually longer from the back.. my hair from the back shapes like a V thats why you like my bangs or what? please do leave comments
  4. MarieLisa_Smile

    Colorado, Aspen and the Bahamas *yay*

    A couple of friends from high school who I graduated with are planning a reunion trip to Colorado, Aspen(Jan 2008) and the Bahamas(May 2008). I'm wondering what's a best place to stay at, activity wise, a place to eaT? All the good stuff.. And for the cruise, its everyone first time so can I...
  5. MarieLisa_Smile

    DaDa (daddy) =)

    Landon second word DaDa (daddy) =) 9 months
  6. MarieLisa_Smile

    fake real?

    How do I know if this is fake or real? What do you guys think?! and Thanks!!
  7. MarieLisa_Smile

    Help Me!

    Ever heard of Digital Photo Frame? My little sister birthday's coming up and she wants that, but the thing is I don't know which one should I get her? I heard she wants a white one so ladies and gents please HELP ME! Leave comments photos or whatever to help me Love ya, Lisa
  8. MarieLisa_Smile

    My lipgloss is poppin

    The Before Ha, excuse the uniform I was getting ready for clinic Too close to the camera huh? Look closer if you want, but not too...
  9. MarieLisa_Smile

    Heidi Montag sings too?!

    Heidi Montag feat. Spencer Pratt rapping - Body Language
  10. MarieLisa_Smile

    thall shall wear striped/patterns clothes..

    I noticed that I'm a big fan of striped/patterns clothes.. Here are some with accessories also What do you guys think?! Don't mind if the priced tag are still on there... Like for me, I don't really care what store/brand of clothes I wear.. As long as I look Cute in it hahaha...
  11. MarieLisa_Smile

    Browsing YouTube?

    Anyone ever been on youtube? They have some hilarious videos on that websites... I could sit there all day and watch youtube videos. Post some of your favorite videos to keep us ladies/gents entertain... I found this one on myspace wesbite before logging in. Thank God my 2 CHIHUAHUA aren't...
  12. MarieLisa_Smile

    I don't make mistakes..I date em

    Not too much make-up on this one... No mascara either sorry Oh yeah! This was taken a while back when I had bangs,,, I miss my bangs I don't make mistakes..I date them Take 1 [Damn stylist missed one part of my bang] :confused: Take 2 [Check out my Hello Kitty headband] :lolz: Take 3...
  13. MarieLisa_Smile

    Any BSB fans in here?

    back BSB! Did you guys hear their new song? It's pretty good as always... Too bad Kevin Richardson is not part of the group any more.. They been through awhole lot so check out the video I found on youtube. Enjoy Ladies. Backstreet Boys -Inconsolable
  14. MarieLisa_Smile

    Ivy vs. Granite

    I don't really post any FOTD's pictures of my make-up because I'm scared of what people might say... but today I decided too. Let me know what you guys think ok? Here it goes.... An Ivy eyes.. The Before Look w/straight long hairr... The After Look w/curls... Eyes: Ulta Ivy eyeshades...
  15. MarieLisa_Smile

    Have you seen me?!

    Ladies and Gents meet my adorable little nephew Landon Dung Lee Tran
  16. MarieLisa_Smile

    Mother gives ecstasy to child What do you guys think of this video? Omg! Poor child. These ladies think this is funny that a child is ROLLING :roll:? They must be out of their damn mind to give a 2 yr old ecstasy. They should be punish seriously!!!!!
  17. MarieLisa_Smile

    Extra! Extra! Read All About It! I can't believe my own eyes that my name is actually in the newspaper. Im so darn proud of myself. First, purchasing my own table. Second, my name being in the newspaper. What's going to be next? -Sigh now I can't wait to see what the...
  18. MarieLisa_Smile

    Happy One year!

    Happy One Year to Specktra and I! I would like to thank ExquisiteImages(Victoria) for referring me to this website. I made a lot of friends on here and I would like to keep it like that. You ladies/gents are the best! To celebrate we need some music and entertainers. Song Playing [imagine] -...
  19. MarieLisa_Smile

    What I miss about Specktra =(*

    I miss the shout box! How many people miss the Shout Box? Man, I used to be in there typing my fingers away last summer p.s. Can we vote to get em back?
  20. MarieLisa_Smile

    I did it!

    I finally went balls to the wall and bought a massage therapy table. I work really hard, so I thought I might spoil myself. My very own table where I can practice and practice until I get my license. Im in school doing clinic so that's good. My clients left me good comments today!! Here's the...