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  1. lafemmenoir

    Darker skin and scleras

    Help! I'm playing with my stash and getting really wicked now that I have bought every camera and photog book to post some pics and spice up my blog, but I hate my photos cos my eyes look dead. I love having brown eyes but my sclera (whites of the eyes) make me look jaundice and I don't even...
  2. lafemmenoir

    Have you tried...

    Fashion Fair's eyeshadow palette? I saw it in an Ebony magazine with the DreamGirls on the cover...It's 22.50 USD and looked pretty but I don't know the quality of their shadows. Comments?
  3. lafemmenoir

    Hello from California

    Hello! I am new to Specktra, and spent an hour reading posts, forums, FOTD's and I quite like it here so I thought I should stop being a voyeur and introduce myself as I have invaded your space. Thanks in advance for all the warm wishes