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  1. Lustrouslips


    I love so much pigments that I haven't used and I've been wondering which are your fav pigments together?
  2. Lustrouslips

    High Tea l/s discontinued?

    Is high tea d/c? Cause my counter has a lot left! I bought 1 only though and I love it, is it worth it to buy more?
  3. Lustrouslips

    Clubbing on the 10th (st valentines special)

    I'm going to wear a red shirt with jeans but I was wondering what color should I do my makeup(i have almost every red eyeshadow) i need help :P thanks
  4. Lustrouslips

    Naked you or petticoat

    I just learned that my counter has these two (+pink porcelain but I really dont like that color) anyway I'm really really pale and was wondering which one i should take between naked you and petticoat?
  5. Lustrouslips

    Hi :D

    Hi whats up MAC fans . I'm from Quebec, Montreal and I'm in LOVE with mac