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  1. pyxystixx

    Penultimate Eye Liner

    Has anyone used the new Penultimate Eye Liner from the Colour Ready line? I'm always looking for the perfect eye liner. Thanks!!!
  2. pyxystixx


    1st of all I apologize for the sucky pic...I took it with my phone because I figured it was better to post something than nothing at all. My real reason I wanted to post this pic is to show off 2 new amazing and inexpensive products I just purchased. Maybelline's Define-a-Brow and Loreal's HIP...
  3. pyxystixx

    I got me a 226!

    After calling all around Miami, I found it! I am so happy.
  4. pyxystixx

    Buy 1 Get 1 Free FOTD - 2 Looks, same colors

    So I was bored and mad at something so instead of sulking I played around. This is two looks with the same colors. I personally like the one that has more purple at the corner. As always CC is more than welcomed! Thanks for looking Oh and I am very proud of my juicy lips! Hence the last...
  5. pyxystixx

    MAC Purple E/S Attack

    So I think I went crazy on the purples, but they look so pretty...
  6. pyxystixx

    My NYX Doll Eyes (1st FOTD)

    I decided to purchase some NYX products and test them out. They were so cheap that it was worth the risk. Anyways, I have to say that I loved them. The colors were vibrant and lasted til I washed my face. *Note: I believe this is my first FOTD...strictly out of pure laziness. Products...
  7. pyxystixx

    New Stylistics 224 Brush

    I love it! It's so purrrrty!!!
  8. pyxystixx

    My 1st CCO Haul!

    I picked this up at the Orlando CCO!!! Top: Fab & Flashy, Eyepopping, Wondergrass, Expensive Pink, Hepcat, Shale, Suspicion, Rite of Spring Middle: Mothbrown, Magic Dust, Playful, Mancatcher, Claire de Lune, Cranberry, Interview Purple-X (Mineralize) Pigments: Fairy Lite, Accent Red, Entremauve...
  9. pyxystixx

    Curiositease Haul (w/pic)

    Here it is!
  10. pyxystixx

    MAC Train Case Question

    Can anyone tell me if MAC brings out new cases at the end of the year. As of today, their website only has one. If not MAC, can anyone give me a good website for good quality traincases? Thanks! (Looking for something with more compartments than the Sephora case)
  11. pyxystixx

    Saving favorite posts???

    Is there anyway to save favorite posts/tuts/FOTD/etc.? I'm on this thing all the time and love so many, that I can't keep track. Sorry if there is already a thread on this ? but there are too many pages to look through and I really want to get back to the tut's.