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  1. Edie

    HK & Smoked Olives Sprinkled with Gold

    Two looks! One very tired and lazy girl here! haha. I haven't been posting any pics. Anywho>... Since Hello Kitty doesn't get released until Monday here in Aus (16th March). I have decided to do a dupe of the Too Dolly Palette (which I really want). (all MAC unless stated) USED • UDPP •...
  2. Edie

    My New(ish) Beauty Bar

    After needing to stay away from the shopping centers for a while in order to suffocate my spending, I ended up making a space which was christened my 'Beauty Bar'. It unfortunately shares a room with my bf drum kit but that's okay because we don't use it at the same time... Meet my Makeups...
  3. Edie

    My Tinkerbell

    I was inspired by Xsparkage's Tinkerbell look. so decided to try and replicate it. Used (all MAC unless stated): Painterly Paint Pot Springtime Skipper Inglot Chartruese Colour in Matte Newly Minted Humid Inglot Glitter/sparkles (dont know which one, it was a sample) Shiseido Fine Eyeliner Pen...
  4. Edie

    Catching Up + Some thoughts on Cult some Products

    Ok, its been a little while since I posted some looks, so this is an update of sorts I guess. All MAC unless stated This look I wore to a wedding: Nylon e/s All that Glitters e/s Mulch e/s Blacktrack f/l Shiseido Fine Eyeliner Pen Smolder e/k The white eye kohl pencil from MAC. Facinating...
  5. Edie

    My Stash on Wheels!!

    I have been shameful in coming onto Specktra and actually contributing lately. So I have decided to ease into it slowly again with a storage post! I have been on the search for several months now for something to keep my makeup in. After trawling through MILLIONS of furniture stores, and...
  6. Edie

    Celebrity Looks Thread?

    Is there a thread that is dedicated to looks inspired by 'celebrities'. I've just been doing a bit of a look around and have noticed quite a few in the general FOTD's thread and TUTORIAL thread but it would be super cool if there was a thread just for celeb looks...[gasp]...or even a forum...
  7. Edie

    My Nautical inspired nails

    So can't afford to get Naughty Nauticals Nailpolish (lemming has eaten a bunch of steroids and is now starting to scare me) SO I used two blue nailpolishes I already had (Bottom Coat: Some random mid-blue nailpoish I bought at a cheap makeupstore Top Coat: Rimmel Dark Blue Nailpolish + O.P.I -...
  8. Edie

    Shop-a-holism - It's ruining my life!

    I think I have serious issues... Shopping Issues. I am here to admit that I am a Shop-A-Holic. May sound funny. But I am starting to believe that it is a REAL addiction that rivals that of alcohol and drugs! The common-denominator would be the having no money because its all spent on the...
  9. Edie

    Best White Shadow

    Hi, Need help: Which white eyeshadow is the most stand-out impactful/ pigmented: Gesso or White Frost I know they are different (matte and frost I think) but Im looking for a white shadow that I don't have to PACK ON like I do my crystal avalanche (which I love but still) TIA
  10. Edie

    Silver Bullet EOTD [pic heavy]

    Hey! Well I said I was going to re-do the silver look I did the other day as it wasn't very good. Well here it tis'! What I Used: MAC Paint pot in Painterly MAC Fluidline in Silverstroke INGLOT pigment in ?? Silver MEtallic (im sorry I can't remember the number..maybe #23?) MAC...
  11. Edie


    I had to play with my new products. Here are the results: Used: Inglot Gold Pigment (number? sorry) MAC Revved Up Pigment MAC Melon pigment Lash Me Lashes Liner? Used: Inglot Silver Pigment (number? sorry) Blue Herizon liquidlast liner (half of it taken off though messy pic ugh) MAC...
  12. Edie

    Small Haulage

    Needing a serious pick-me-up I went shopping and 'invested' in the following: Re-purcahse due to running out of: Red Earth Secret Potion & Showface's Concealers A whole bunch of cheapy eyelashes to use for practice... My first Inglot purchase of metallic gold and silver (LOVE the silver)...
  13. Edie

    Watermelon Slushie

    Ok so this is the first thing that came to my head when I saw the colours! USED: Eyes Painterly Paint Pot Revved Up Pigment Coppering e/s Diorshow Mascara Lips some pink lipstick I had in my drawer? Possible ChiChi?? Racy 3D Glass Pink Colour in Chromeglass (name is just not coming to...
  14. Edie

    What are these sunglasses on LC??

    Ok I LOVE the sunglasses she is wearing! Does anyone know by any chance who they are?
  15. Edie

    I need your opinion! Do I wear these? **Photoshopped pic included!

    Ok, I have a friends wedding in a few weeks and I need to know whether to wear this outfit. (i have altered it slightly - added in the shoes - TRIED to colour the bag a bit more gold as it is similar to the shoes in the pic) Ill be basically be wearing what she is (black dress) and the bag and...
  16. Edie

    N Colour Nailpolish

    Has anyone got this or tired this? NONE of the MAC stores I have been to around me have even received it! Im so bummed...I was going to order online but Im not sure if its a nice colour?? I saw the one swatch in the N Collection Swatch thread but Im still unsure. Any recs? Pics? ANything??? haha
  17. Edie

    Smoked Devil Wearing Prada

    Ah...I was trying to do this 'The Devil Wears Prada' look and this is what I came up with:
  18. Edie

    Black Valentine

    It was Valentine's Day yesterday in Ausland! So we went out for dinner! Here's my look...perhaps a little overboard but eh! Poop forgot to add what was on my lips (thank you elegant-one for reminding me) Lips: • Lucas Paw Paw Ointment • Bright Fuschia Pigment • Clinique Lipgloss in (? Its...
  19. Edie

    My FAV look from The Devil Wears Prada...HOW?

    I have been looking for this look for....forever.... Im going to 'attempt' this look this weekend for a girls night out we are having! I think its the (sorry to sound like a school girl but) the MOST AWESOME smokey! Pics are clickable! Anne Hathaway Photo Gallery @...
  20. Edie

    White Hot Summer (sometimes)

    So it was a nice day in Sydney yesterday (FIANLLY > whats with all this rain in summer?) SO I finally got to wear my White Dress that I got for christmas! I already had my antiquitease nails done so i decided to go for a white/gold look with my eyes (although Im in DIRE need of a good white...