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  1. SakurasamaLover

    Kid eyeshadow on US website

    So I was doing a little browsing of the Goodbyes section of the MAC website when I was overjoyed to see Kid eyeshadow, the old veluxe bad ass one. I proceed to buy it, since I love the formula and hate that they discontinued it to then realize I was on the US website and I'm in Canada FML...
  2. SakurasamaLover

    I'm in Shock!!!!! Fake LE / MSF... and more

    Wow I really I'm in shock, look at that seller auctions carefully . lovely fullmoon items - Get great deals on Health Beauty items on! Since when!!! OMG they now fake everything MAC. I mean I saw some Heatherette and HK but this looks like the mineralize kits, Graphic Garden, Fresh...
  3. SakurasamaLover

    HK 90$ Sheer Mystery Powder Compact: worth it or not ?

    Yeah basically, I wanted to know what you girls think about it. I mean I know people are saying:- yes I want it or -Hell no, never gonna pay 90$ for a single item... but I never bought a mystery powder. So for people who bought previous version of it: what are the major ingredients and what is...
  4. SakurasamaLover

    25% Off On MAC Holiday Items

    Girls!!! I just came back from my MAC Pro on ST-Laurent and they are having -25% on all Red She Said stuff!!! Incredible I never saw that at MAC. They say they never saw it in 25 years neither. So run to your MAC Pro store now!!!!!!!!!! OMG just to say that I bought some unexpected Christmas...