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  1. msmack

    WORSHIP THE BALLS- A thread for Guerlain meteorites and the women who love them

    Ooooh balls. I have so many decade old containers of these kicking around my make up table. I love the scent. 👌
  2. msmack

    NARS Orgasm/UD 'Score'/Lumiere 'Ditto O'/MAC Fabulush

    Perhaps this might be helpful to someone.... (swatched dry/no base/direct sunlight)
  3. msmack

    MAC 'Bright Fuschia' vs. Ben Nye 'Azalea'

    Ben Nye makes a pretty bang on dupe for Bright Fuschia - and eye safe too! MAC - Bright Fuschia (Pigment) vs. Ben Nye Lumiere Grande 'Azalea' (No base / swatched dry / outside in direct sunlight) (...if you have any other Ben Nye (12...
  4. msmack

    Rec's for 'dark brown' brow filler/pencil

    Hellllo there... I am in the market for a dark brown pencil/brow filler (with no red/orange business going on).... it can be kinda hard to find. I search the FOTD's and most people do not list what they used for their brows ... I am open to any brand. Any product. Even eyeshadow... people...
  5. msmack

    Lise Watier - Glitter Liner Swatches

    Here are some glitter liner swatches from Lise Watier that I own and though I would share... L-R Cognac, Pink Lady, Opale On skin... Cognac is stunning and my favorite. Pink lady is also very pretty pink multi-colour sparkle. Opale is packed with sparkles! Nice X-mas colour... snowy...
  6. msmack

    Tuffins LOVES MAC ...

    Tuffins loves Petticoat MSF. She wants a re-promote...PRONTO.
  7. msmack

    Rich Hippie

    ...It's driving me mad. I want to smell this line so bad. Has anyone checked it out... ? I love wearing oils as scent, this line truly intrigues me. The price truly repels me though... $355.00 for 1/2oz (trust in me to want one of the more expensive ones.. 'foxy lady')...
  8. msmack

    Do you play a musical instrument?

    Anyone on here play a musical instrument?.... I work in a musical instrument store (I'm obsessed with guitars!) and try to pick up a few songs on almost every instrument I touch... I GOT A UKELELE TODAY and I am busy strummin' out "when the saint's go marching in" like a mad woman! MUSIC IS SO...
  9. msmack

    as my pigment collection gets bigger...selecting Q.

    these are the next pigments i want to get... can anyone tell me if you had any problems with any of them ex. texture, blending...or if you loved 'em or hated 'em! i am kinda new to mac and i'd like to make an informed choice! *lily white *pinked mauve *apricot pink *gold dusk *lovely lily...
  10. msmack

    Bag For Brushes

    i am looking for a bag to hold all my brushes. one with the little elastics or small pockets to keep them all neat. i am looking on ebay and not coming up with much. any reccomendations? or if you spot one on ebay tell me where to find it! thanks
  11. msmack

    mac's LUST DUST pigment...ever used it?

    i recently purchased lust dust on ebay on a whim... i tend to do things like that! lol has anyone else every used it? i am just hoping i haven't made a mistake as the pic on ebay could have been misleading... whats it like, how does it go on?? thanks... please bear with me...i'm a newbie!
  12. msmack

    good day from vancouver island!

    hey there, any other people from vancouver island... so hard to find mac here on my side of the island...i resort to ebay most of the time...