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  1. macaddictx

    MAC x Nicki Minaj collection (September 21, 2017)

    Just got Nicki's Nude! It's a really pretty colour and love the packaging. The swatch is just one swipe and I'm a NW13 at the moment.
  2. macaddictx

    MAC Vibe Tribe Collection (May 12/19 2016)

    Wearing HC, Painted Canyon and Dunes at Dusk for the first time. So happy I got all of them! :twirl: PC is really pigmented though. I'm wearing HC with a Essence lipliner in Soft Berry, they are almost the same color. Dunes at Dusk is such a pretty highlighter on me. I might go buy Call Of The...
  3. macaddictx

    MAC Early Buzz - News for Upcoming Collections in 2016

    This launched today at the Dutch website. Haven't seen anything about this at all. Really interesting deals. They all include a lipstick, lipglass, blush, two eyeshadows, a blush brush and a lip pencil or eyeliner. Do you guys know something about this?