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    Studio Fix Color: Need Help Choosing

    I am almost always matched as a C2 in coloring, but recently I noticed that the color is showing up too yellow/orange on my skin, especially whe I just want o cover one spot. So, I've been thinking that the color is too dark. Outside of Studio Fix, I use Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 and the same...
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    Tan Brown Lipstick

    I'm looking for a nice brown lipstick. I really would like a nice tan color, but it doesn't necessarily have to be that type of shade - I just want a brown lippie So, I'm not too sure what to buy to match my skintone (and last time the MAs weren't so helpful, hence my asking here ). I'm C2...
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    MAC PRO Recs Needed

    I've decided that since I've used up 1/2 a jar of vanilla pigment in 6 months I might as well make another MAC PRO order and grab another vanilla while I'm at it (good excuse hey?!) So far my list includes: Old Gold Pigment Obviously it isn't too extensive yet which is why I'm asking for...
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    Delphic & Haunting f/l

    I was wondering how pigmented they or if they're like Frostlite? Looking at swatches they seem to be fairly sheer which I don't like. I had a lot of problems with the consistency of Frostlite and was wondering how similar they are? (To compare I like Brassy & Sweet Sage very much).
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    Stila e/s size

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me the measurements for the size of an e/s pan. I'm looking at an MUFE palette (Stila e/s are the same size apparently), but want to fit other shadows/blushes in and need the measurements (note that their MA's are no help, so I'm turning to you )
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    Sandy B & Ramblin Rose l/s

    I have med-very pigmented lips and was checking out these lippies today. I love Ramblin Rose and think it would show nicely on my lips, but I'm not too sure about Sandy B. Would this be too light for me and not show/look overly frosty?
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    Envious Greens

    Squishy, wrinkly eye *sorry Editted* The Annabelle eye kohl I put there that = R&T, I forgot the name, all I can remember is that it's so darn close, that on the skin you can't tell the difference. and LMAO at me typing "curled lashes" (why did I do that? ) I'm missin' summer, anyone else?
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    Am I crazy to decline this job?

    Edit: I decided not to take it b/c I think it would be too much right now. Thanks Chelly for your input.
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    moved. Mods feel free to delete this thread.
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    Sunset & Purty Purples EOTDs

    Past 2 days: Used: - Goldmine - Chrome Yellow - Paradisco - Copering - Samoa Silk - Blurr - Rule - Ricepaper - Boot Black l/l - Brassy f/l - Caroline Goldmine Kohl - CG Lash Exact m/s in Black Used: - Stars N rockets - Lovely Lily - Blurr - Buff de Buff - Ricepaper - Plum - Lancome Contrast...
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    New Camera + Free Day = 2 EOTD

    I'm incredibly gleeful with my new camera, no more editing color to get them right (yay!). Sadly, our main computer still casts a shadow, so I'm not sure how well these pix will look for you guys. Lmao and it was kinda funny - I took like 40 pictures b/c I'm so used to having none turn out and...
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    Advice from my MA on MAC's resume/application

    I just thought I'd post this here for those who are applying: She told me that MAC asks and looks for makeup experience/training, but to not consider that technical training from a cosmetics school, etc. (which is what I always consider "experience" to be). She told me to put down any type of...
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    Recs for an e/s like Brassy Fluidliner....

    I've been using this so much just as a base/wash, so I was thinking of investing in an e/s instead. What would be the closest match (any brand)? I was thinking Amberlights, but I rarely see it, so I'm not sure.
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    Culturebloom pix and inspiration - Elle Canada Mar 06

    **Lavendar Sky e/s and Culturebloom l/s are slightly lighter, and Overgorwn does look similar to bitter (it's too olive in the picture)**
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    Two EOTDs - Blue & Peach/Brown/White

    Sorry about the size, Photobucket is giving me a hard time again. -Blurr -Embark -Samao Silk - Blacktrack - Violet Pro Gloss - some WNW brown eye kohl and Black mascara - Lovely Lily Pigment - Blue Pigment - Some Blue e/s from Faces (forgot the number sorry) - Blurr -A Bluer Blue Embark -...
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    Need some Neutral Eyeshadows

    I'm looking more along the lines or browns, but not just dark browns.... I need something for the day that's waearable for the evening. I figured if in the past 3 shifts I've had, kids look at me and go "you wear makeup" or "my grandma wear a lot of makeup too!" I need some neutrals lol...
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    Help! I need to eliminate lemmings

    I really need to get rid of a bunch of these lemmings so that all my travel money doesn't fall on MAC, sadly but I've got no choice *whimpers*. PS: Palettes are staying on my list, so they aren't missing from the elimination Pigments: Silver Chatreuse Rose Vanilla Golden Lemon Old Gold...
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    Sensualize + SnR + Coppering EOTD

    worked late last night, so please excuse my tired looking eyes for today. Used: - Stars N Rockets - Sensualize - Coppering - Sweet Lust - GlamourGold Glitter Liner - Annabelle Khaki Kohl - CG Lash Exact in Black Hope you like
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    Eyeshadow comparaison + best Hyperreal pressed powders

    I was thinking about getting one of the Hyperreal pressed powders for highlighting, but am not sure which would be best: Lavendar Light FX Light Extra Light Could someone please compare these for me: Gorgeous Gold vs old gold pigment Exprensive Pink vs goldenaire Llama vs Bamboo TIA
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    Musts to buy at PRO MAC

    It looks like it's final and I'll be able to go to PRO in a few months, so I'm re-starting my list and want some of the must have recommendations. I think Fix + and a maixing medium or two will be on the list as well as palettes, but I'm looking for cosmetics - eyeshadows, pro gloss, pigments, etc.