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  1. RoxyJ

    Does anyone else have discoloration on the ferrule of thier MAC brushes?

    Hi all I have a weird phenomena happening to my MAC brushes. I seems as if some of my MAC brushes have started to discolor (rust? corrosion?) on the metal part. I use mac brush cleaner, and baby shampoo to wash them. I also touch-up between washes with wet-wipes. (been doing this forever)...
  2. RoxyJ

    Please help a new business owner :)

    Hi everyone. I am attending a program that helps small businesses get off the ground. As a part of that program we have to do some research to decide whether the stuff we want to do is the stuff we should do. :p To do that, I have put together 2 surveys to help me figure out if I'm going in...
  3. RoxyJ

    Careblend Powder for NW15/NW20

    Hi everyone, I have someone CPing some makeup for me, and I'm interested in trying out the Careblend powders. I think that I was matched to the MSFN in light plus. Can anyone recommend a color for the Careblend powders? I'm somewhere between NW15 and NW20 in MAC, Classic Ivory in Maybelline...
  4. RoxyJ

    Another MAC Warehouse Haul, YAY!

    I went to the Estee Lauder/MAC warehouse in Markham on Saturday. And I made out like a bandit! Here's my haul: Charity Bags: Mineralize Lotion Roman Holiday DG Fierce & Fabulous LG Triple Fusion MES Satin Lipstick in Alibi MES Fresh & Easy Lipstain Marker in Modern Mocha Chromaline Liner in...
  5. RoxyJ

    My New Retro Vanity

    Hi Everyone I recently got a new vanity, I bought it through Kijiji for only $40 . It was newly refinished, I just reupoholstered the seat. My new vanity: Brushes Middle Drawer: Top two Drawers: I love it!
  6. RoxyJ

    Mini Haul

    Hey guys this is my first Haul post. I never usually buy enough in one MAC visit to warrant a haul, but this time I did YAY! Here it is: Colour Forms Warm Eye Palette Cosmo Lipstick X-rocks blush