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  1. VeganChick

    How to Scale Down a Stash? (going back to college...)

    I'm moving back to college on Monday and I know I should scale down on the amount of makeup I take with me. I typically only use basic stuff (and the same products) on a daily basis. I can tell which products I should absolutely bring (like the blushes and eyeshadows that I use occasionally and...
  2. VeganChick

    Major Effin Haulage! (Folica, NYX, and others) -No pics yet!-

    I got paid and I have a credit card...bad combination! The good news is I won't need to buy makeup for a very long time! (I hope...) Folica Solia Flat Iron - 1" Biosilk Silk Therapy (thermal hair protectant) Colora Henna Creme Haircolor (in Brown and Chestnut, b/c I couldn't decide what I...
  3. VeganChick

    NYX Color Recs? (eyeshadows, lippies, etc.)

    So I want to buy a bunch of NYX stuff off of Cherry Culture, but I'm not sure what colors to buy...I especially like their regular and chrome powder eyeshadow pans and the mosaic blushes. But the few swatches I can find are mostly of people with darker skin than mine. Here's a very unflattering...
  4. VeganChick

    Face Makeup Recs? (MAC, methinks)

    So I just got hired and I really want to buy some nicer makeup. (As a treat, not for the job.) Drugstore brand makeup just isn't cutting it for me anymore. I'm very fair. I use the lightest shades in Maybelline and Covergirl foundations. I like to use concealer, foundation and pressed powder...
  5. VeganChick

    Revlon Skinlights Diffusing Tint? And a general skin Q.

    I just tried my mom's Revlon foundation and I LOVE it. The only problem is that it's already been, long enough that the only places you can get it are ebay and amazon. I'm afraid that if I stock up now, it will have gone bad before I even finish the first bottle! (Will this...
  6. VeganChick

    Which NYX eyeshadow colors?

    I've been wanting to get something by NYX for a while, so I think I'm going to get a few colors of their eyeshadow off eBay. However I'm not sure which colors to get. I'm thinking either some brown shades, since I don't have any of those, or a couple of wilder colors (like lime green or pink...
  7. VeganChick

    OWWWW! (complaining about "that time of the month")

    Well, I didn't used to have much problem with my period, besides it being a bit heavy. Occasionally I had cramps, but not too many problems. However, beginning like last year, things started getting progressively worse. I started getting, one by one and slowly getting worse, nearly every...
  8. VeganChick

    Get ready for August! (aka: Brainstorm looks for school/work)

    Oh, so I'll give y'all a head start to brainstorm for my (first!) August challenge. The only requirement is something work/school-safe, meaning you can have fun, but don't go all out. I know I wouldn't wanna be wearing Turquatic or Parrot to an 8 o'clock class. Not to mention how distracting and...
  9. VeganChick

    Oh boy, mom's gonna kill me...hope she doesn't check my bank account balance? :\

    Lesson 1: It's generally a bad to give a teenage girl her own bank account, complete with a VISA debit card and checkbook and hundreds of dollars of cash. So I set up a PayPal account and an eBay account meaning to just buy an Urban Decay lot, and maybe a big eyeshadow palette or some brushes...
  10. VeganChick

    Eye brushes vs. Nail Art brushes?

    What's the difference? I've found a lot of nail art brushes while shopping for makeup brushes and they look like they'd be great for eye makeup too (like nice thin eyeliner). Do you think you could use them for eye makeup instead. And, if you washed them really well, could they do double duty...
  11. VeganChick

    Brush Sets on eBay? (Need opinons on one, plus *lots* of pretty pictures to enjoy :D)

    I found a store on eBay that sells what look like fantastic brush sets for quite cheap (the price of 2 or 3 normal brushes). However, since I'm so incompetent at eBay buying, I need your help determining if these are ok brushes and which one is the best deal. (The only bad review on the brushes...
  12. VeganChick

    I want a shawl *lots* of pretty pictures to enjoy :D)

    And I want a shawl too:
  13. VeganChick

    Pro eyeshadow palettes on eBay?

    I found these two pro eyeshadow sets and they both seem like great deals, but I'm not sure about them. Has anyone used them or heard anything about them? The second one seems like a much better deal. This store sells a lot of palettes and I'm thinking about buying their 88 color set (for around...
  14. VeganChick

    Lotions & Potions brand?

    I stumbled over this custom-scent store while looking for talc-free body powder (mostly to use with my dry electric razor) and was curious to know if anyone's heard anything about this company. They have a HUGE selection of scents and I'm quite anxious to try some. And everything they make comes...
  15. VeganChick

    Alba Botanica Advanced Skincare Line? (5 med. imgs.)

    I've been considering getting most of their skincare line, but I was wondering if anyone had used this stuff before. I nipped a little of a friend's Sea Lipids Daily Cream, and it felt great, although I only got to try it once and it was the only thing she had of them...
  16. VeganChick

    Spiritual Sky perfume oils

    I was wondering if anyone had tried these before. I happened to buy a small bottle of perfume oil on a whim at a cute little shop while in Albany and I love it and how potent it is. However, I'm disappointed that you can't buy the cute little bottle on their website anymore. They have a little...
  17. VeganChick

    Hi there!

    I was referred to this site by The Junkie Boards and I would love to learn how to apply makeup well and build a good collection (since mine is soo pitiful right now!) so I decided to join. 8) I must say that I already love this board, with all the great tutorials and nice gals.