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  1. eowyn797

    Pink Glitter

    i have two different versions of "Pink Glitter" - one chunkier and one finer... was this one reformulated before it was DC'd? any MAC glitter experts familiar with this one? the chunkier one is the same color/consistency as the "Pink" glitter vials i have from that holiday collection way back...
  2. eowyn797

    comprehensive palette listing?

    i know we've got the lovely long list of all the e/s MAc has ever put out, but does there happen to be a comprehensive listing of all the palettes they have ever created (holidays, anniversaries, etc)? i found a quads list, but that's it...i'm more interested in the other types of palettes...
  3. eowyn797

    "Light Coral" Blush?

    hello! i have a blush marked with a silver label as a sample and labeled as "Light Coral" (this is its WORKING NAME, not the real name) and i'm wondering which blush it is... anyone know? it is matte, if that helps, no sparkles or shimmer. thank you so much, ladies! you're always so helpful!
  4. eowyn797

    same eyeshadow - looks totally different in two seperate pans?

    hello ladies! i am wondering if you can help set my mind at ease here because i think my eyes are broken or something is awry... this is a comparison pic of the Riot pan i've had for a while (left) and one i just received in swap (right) i crazy? are they not completely different colors...
  5. eowyn797

    e-Gift Cards/Certificates redeemable on MAC PRO #?

    does anyone know if you can redeem a MAC eGC purchased through when you call the PRO number? says you can redeem eGCs thru their website or by calling their number, but i'm wondering if that works for the PRO number as well? i did a board search, but i didn't...
  6. eowyn797

    acceptable batch number for DC'd Brass?

    Hi ladies! i've never seen a batch number like this and i was wondering if it was any indication of inauthenticity or what have you. it's for the old DC'd Brass pigment: 9B171 everything else about the jar and box seem fine, so i'm curious. thanks!
  7. eowyn797

    need help identifying some MAC shadows!

    FIGURED IT OUT! 1: Cork 2 (both): Shroom 3: Shadowy Lady shadow #1 (w/flash, then w/o) Taupe Note, UNKNOWN, Kid Modelette Shadow #2 & 2B White Wheat, UNKNOWN 2, Naked Lunch Ricepaper, UKNOWN 2B, Honesty things i know it's not: Motif (too orange), Nylon (waaay too yellow) Shadow #3...
  8. eowyn797

    Various MAC Lipsticks

    these are most of my collection, hopefully it will help someone... NW15 skin for all of these flash, natural light L to R: Madame B, Punkin', Retrodaze, Fabby (i think the 5th one is Kooky...) 1st: no flash, natural light 2nd: flash, natural light L to R: Kooky, Politely Pink, Pink...
  9. eowyn797

    Pictureless FOTD: 6/3

    FACE: Everyday Minerals Concealer in Intensive Fair Everyday Minerals Foundation in a mix of Intensive Fairly Light Neutral and Fair Cool MAC Pro Invisible Set Powder CHEEKS: Bobbi Brown Apricot Shimmerbrick EYES: MAC Chatreuese pigment over Golder's Green pigment on inner lid MAC Electric...
  10. eowyn797

    replacement/dupe for Test Pattern lipliner

    Test Pattern is the perfect nude liner on me....and eventually, some day, i will run out. any brand is fine, i just need something that has no pink at all and no darker browns. i tried Subculture (too pink) and Oak (too brown). i hate creamsticks, but i swatched 'em all to to no...
  11. eowyn797

    MAC - various red & pink/gold l/s

    i was trying to compare the various really dark and really light shades i own and i thought this might be of help to other people as well. some of these are LE/DC, some are permanent. to my eyes and on my skin, Kooky, Smile and Goddess are all a spot on match for each other. Smile may have a...
  12. eowyn797

    CARGO palettes?

    i am wondering if CARGO or any other company makes a palette (like MAC's 15/4 pans) that fit CARGO's depotted eyeshadows...i've got way too many of them and it's a pain to store and dig through all those tiny tins thanks!
  13. eowyn797

    help identifying a color...

    not sure if this is the right forum to ask this in, but: what is this color? is it Pro? help! the pan is the size of a CCB/Mineralised e/s but it is definitely not a cream - texture more like a blush. thanks!
  14. eowyn797

    brushes! black vs. silver

    okay WOW. Stila brushes! why didn't anyone tell me?? i just picked up the #2 (black handle) and it's AWESOME. what is the difference between the black and silver ones besides the length of the handle? what are everyone's favorite brushes from this line? and which MAC brushes does Stila have...
  15. eowyn797

    Mahogany l/ lipstick?

    howdy girls... i love Mahogany lipliner. so much so that i sometimes want to wear it alone. i'm wondering if there's a comparable shade l/s or l/g that you'd recommend instead. i tried Decorative l/g, but it's thanks!
  16. eowyn797

    empty palettes?

    hey guys...i figure this would be the place to ask: does NARS make empty palettes, say for e/s, blush, etc so that you could depot and make differnte e/s combos? like MAC does with their 4 and 15-pans and such? *hopes*
  17. eowyn797

    UDPP rocks and all...but i'm allergic to it!

    so i have an allergy to Urban Decay Primer Potion. makes my eyelids itchy, red and rashy LIKE WHOA. MAC paints & CCBs have this same effect. Shadesticks only last a couple hours before creasing and Mary Kay Primer does the same...i get three hours tops before the dreaded crease sets in...
  18. eowyn797

    L'Oreal HIP Playful Duo vs MAC shades

    saw a request for L'Oreal HIP duos vs various MAC colors and threw in some Milani for comparison's sake. taken with flash, but color adjusted, on NW15-20 skin:
  19. eowyn797

    1st self-FOTD & it's a 2-for-1 sale...

    okay, ignore my enormous nose and my unruly brows that i refuse to do anything to and the fact that i didn't curl my eyelashes...on *either* one...and how i clearly have no idea how to take a picture of myself without making stupid faces...ANYWAY! YAY, MAC! PURPLE STUFF! Face: BE Skin...
  20. eowyn797

    "O" and one tube? does it exist?

    okay, ladies... i'm looking for something that is a combination of "O" lipstick and Sinnamon lipglass...anyone know of something like this in ONE magical tube? i'd prefer to find a lipglass that covers both bases, but any form is fine, really. i just adore these two colors together so much...