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  1. Didididums

    Makeup Store FOTD :D

    Hi Guys! Oke, I really wanted to show you this but unfortunately the quality of the pics suck a little, but just to let you know, the colours were about twice as pigmented and vibrant as they appear on these pics and if you haven't already tried MAKEUP store custometics, DO IT!! AND ANOTHER...
  2. Didididums

    2 FOTD's :) Kinda pic heavish :O

    First an oldie: Not a great pic sorry! But, products used: Face: Estee Lauder Double wear concealer in light MAC face an body foundation C1 NYC translucent face powder MAC blush in Peachykeen Eyes: MAC pig' in: Old Gold Rose and Vanilla Urban Decay 24/7 liner in zero Forgot Mascara but...
  3. Didididums

    MAKEUP STORE COSMETICS! New discovery for me!

    Hi Guys! There is a new makeup store just opened on Carnaby Street in London.. I knew that it was about to open so couldnt wait to visit and see what they have! I didn't really know what to expect cause ive never heard of the company, but on research, from what Ive gathered, they are a swedish...
  4. Didididums

    The back of the class is where i'm from.

    HIIII! Posted this as an FOTD earlier Hope you like!!! The pics arent very good quality but im sure you'll get the jist of it! :P Here's the look I used Coastal scents 88 Palette for the whole look: (It's so handy when you don't own any other red!) Step 1: Prep the eye area with your...
  5. Didididums

    The back of the class is where i'm from.(Pic HEAVY!)

    Hi guys! Hope you like it LAST ONE USED: Face: Estee Lauder double wear concealer in light Studio fix powder plus in B3 Bourjois Bronzing powder Bourjois in Brun Cuivre Eyes: Urban Decay primer potion Coastal Scents pallet shades (Light Red, dark Red, black and lightest...
  6. Didididums

    Liquid foundation?

    Hi guys Hope i'm posting this in the right place! Oke, so I usually wear powder foundations, and currently use Mac studio fix powder plus, which I love, but I was thinking of trying out a MAC liquid. I usually hate using liquids and creams because I hate the feeling on my face (feels like...
  7. Didididums

    3 little FOTD's :)

    1. 80's siouxsie sioux look I did for a party, can't remember alot of what I used but apart from my basic face routine, eyes and lips were all drug store brands! 2. Here's look no#2. Face: Estee Lauder double wear concealer in light MAC studio fix powder plus in C3 Bourjois blush...
  8. Didididums

    My new vanity AND my pathetic MAC collection! :D Enjoy!

    Oke, here goes My Table Mt cute little nail stuff tray My really small MAC makeup collection: Studio fix powder plus foundation in C3, Blush Ombre in Azalea Blossom, Pigment in...
  9. Didididums

    Fluorescent Shadows?

    Hey people Wondering if anybody has any recommendations for some fluorescent eye shaddows? Preferably lose! Thanks alot
  10. Didididums

    Make Up Mirror Recommendations?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can help me with my make up mirror problem??? I've noticed that Conair mirrors are usually the choice for alot of youtube tutors but I can't seem to find out if they are available in the UK??? Does anyone know if they are and if so where? Otherwise, I was...
  11. Didididums

    Barry M Dazzle Dust! (with pics!)

    I bought a few of these a few weeks ago.. mainly cause I wanted some MAC pigments but don't have the time nor money to get to a MAC store at the moment, so I heard that Barry M dazzle dust is comparable.. which attracted me to try them out. I bought them from Boots and good for me they have a 2...
  12. Didididums

    OKE don't laugh!.. :D And concealer question!

    Hey people! Oke, firstly... So lame, but, I have actually opened my own MAC savings account.. It might sound a little silly.. but, it's so that I can control my spending and pretty much guarantee that I can keep building up my collection without any dry spells where i'm totally skint! (If...
  13. Didididums

    Dying dark hair blonde...

    Hi guys! I have naturally dark brown hair <<<<avatar<<< and I want to get it blonde... I have been getting alot of comments from family members and friends such as 'it will go orange' or 'if you use a pre lightener then a hair colour it will be fine' and I am really unsure on what I should do...
  14. Didididums

    MAC Noob!

    Hi Guys! I'm Didi.. I have only really 'properly' been into make up art for the past 4 or 5 months and am slowly getting better and building up my make up collection. Hopefully I will be able to pick up alot from you guys! Thought I'd just show my face and say Hi!! -Didi x