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  1. Julia Vanhorn

    Where are our lovely Specktrettes?

    Where is everyone? I noticed that Jude, Prppygrl, and Caffn8me have not posted in a while or it may just be my imagination. Does anyone know if everything is all right?
  2. Julia Vanhorn

    Chrome Yellow help.... PLEASE!!!

    I just got my Chrome Yellow e/s in yesterday and I decided to test it on my eyes and see how it looks. It was very sheer and I did not get the color effect that I was hoping for. What would you recommend to make it more vibrant. Is it normal for the e/s to be like that? Do you just have to keep...
  3. Julia Vanhorn

    Jump on the bandwagon and name your #187 brush

    I have read that several of you wanted to name your 187 brush, now is the chance to do just that!!! 8) I just decided to name mine a few minutes ago after posting in a thread. The name that I picked was Flower (from Bambi) and I thought that it was a perfect name since afterall it is a Skunk...
  4. Julia Vanhorn

    Depotting lustre eyeshadows?

    I am thinking about getting a couple of 15-pan palettes, and I was wondering if anyone think it is a good idea to depot lustre eyeshadows since they have a tendancy to get a little messy. Or should I leave them in the pot. I could also get a 4-pan palette just for my lustres if anyone think that...
  5. Julia Vanhorn

    Chanel's Allure Sensuelle...

    I have tested this on a paper tester a few days ago. I cannot get my mind off it. Just to make sure, this is the one that has that spicy smell to it right? Is it worth getting? And what is the reaction that you get with wearing it around your significant other? I am so tempted to get this...
  6. Julia Vanhorn

    Wrath and Rage

    Here is a pic that I did for the Vice/virtue challenge. I know that the pic is small, but all I had was a camera phone. And please the eyebrows that I painted on, after I saw the pic I wish I had not done that. Like they always say, we learn from out mistakes.
  7. Julia Vanhorn

    What are China Markers?

    I have noticed in MAC's older color stories that they used to make and sell china markers. I was just wondering what they were and why did they stop making them?
  8. Julia Vanhorn

    eyebrow wax and sealer

    I have been looking all over for something that will completely cover my eyebrows to make it look as though I have no brows, then I want to draw on a different eyebrows. In the past I used to completely shave my brows off to do this, but now I have grown them back. I am wanted to start doing...
  9. Julia Vanhorn

    Ingrown hairs on legs after shaving

    I always get ingrown hairs after I shave my legs (mainly just my upper legs). I was just wondering if there is a specific way that you shave (someone told me to go with the hair growth when shaving that area, but I can never do that because it leaves it so prickly) or is there products that I am...
  10. Julia Vanhorn

    MAC Pro eyeshadows...

    Do they sell them at select freestanding stores or just the Pro Stores? I know that they sell the 15-pan palettes at the MAC store at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, but was wondering if they sell the pro eyeshadows there as well. I just found this website today,, and saw some really...
  11. Julia Vanhorn

    The wonderful high school days... yeah right!!!

    I just thought I would post a thread reminiscing my high school days. I was a goody two-shoe all the way up to my senior year. Always stayed after school and participated in extracuricular activites. I was in the marching band, concert band, National French Honor Society, French Club, VICA...
  12. Julia Vanhorn

    Sketch-y from the Thunder

    God that would make a great name for a FOTD. The reason why this thread is here is because I try to make Sketch work on me, but it drowns out the other three shades in the Thunder quad. I tryed using it for the V in the outer corners of my eyes but it is still too dark. The other colors look so...
  13. Julia Vanhorn

    Is it okay to dance in the showers?

    I know that it is okay to sing in the shower as long as there is no one else around to hear your off-key singing lol. But is it okay to dance in the shower while you are singing? I have a habit of doing this. I think it is because it is such a small space and wet as well, that it allows me to...
  14. Julia Vanhorn

    Why are we addicted to MAC?

    That is a question that will perhaps haunt us when we are flat broke lol. Is it the product is so fabulous that we just have to have it? Or is it because we want to look so pretty? I will start first since I started the question. The reason that I am addicted to MAC is because it allows me to...
  15. Julia Vanhorn

    MAC postcards

    I was just wondering if you can get the MAC postcards (the ones that they use for promotion at the stores) mailed to you? If so, Please let me know how I can go about getting it mailed to me. Thanks for your help in advance.
  16. Julia Vanhorn

    such perfect lines

    I have found this pic from another forum. I been starring at this pic for too long lol. I was wondering how do they create the lines between the different shades. My only guess with this is something like a straight-edge such as a side of a paper. Do Make-up Artist actually do that, or are they...
  17. Julia Vanhorn

    Graphito Paint

    I was wondering if the MAC Graphito paint is safe to use on the eyes. I don't want to get it and find out that I can't use it the way that I plan to use it for. I was hoping to replace my MAC Black creme e/l (is this stuff supposed to semi-hard and thick, or is it because it is old). I was...
  18. Julia Vanhorn

    Which Tint Toon should I get?

    I am a NW25 with light to medium brown hair and hazel eyes. I was just wondering which Tint Toon would work well with me? Thank you for your advice ahead of time.
  19. Julia Vanhorn


    I have a few questions concerning dermablend. My first question: I already use dermablend, is it okay to use it with acne-prone skin or is there a better foundation out there that has better coverage and and does not make the skin worse? My second question: can you use MAC 190 foundation brush...
  20. Julia Vanhorn

    Calling all drag queens or MA that knows their stuff

    I have a couple of pageants coming up and was wondering what looks from MAC that I should probably do. Keep in mind that it has to be dramatic and fresh. Thanks ahead of time.