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  1. wifey806

    Naked Pigment: what else is this pretty?

    I got a sample of Naked Pigment, and I really really like how subtle the gleam is in it! It reminds be of a nymph in the woods... a gorgeous fairy! It's not too frosty or durochomey or boring either!! My 2 questions are (since I'm new-ish to pigments) 1) Is Naked p/g the only p/g with this...
  2. wifey806

    MAC - Foundation & Concealers: various shade, formulas, and coverages

    Some NC and NW Shades How full some of the formulas cover (based on how well it covers a scar i have on my arm).... love this stuff, but you can feel it on your face for sure Applied it with my finger, one coat. Pretty med. coverage, but i'm sure u can build it up, or use...
  3. wifey806

    Full Coverage limited avail.?

    Hopefully someone has an answer (although "guesses" are interesting lol)! It's been awhile since MAC announced the transition of Full Coverage Foundation to a pro store only product. My question is, are they D/Cing all the colors that were non-pro in the 1st place (i.e NW25, NC50)? Cuz online...
  4. wifey806

    2009 Makeup/Hair Trade Shows..?

    Hey all! So all you in "The Industry" , I was hoping we could share rumors about what the hot shows are for the upcoming year...heehee especially since I want to go to as many as possible!! All I know about: - June: IMATS in Los Angeles IMATS Los Angeles 2009-July: CosmoProf in Las Vegas...
  5. wifey806

    Excited about Specktra's upcoming "makeover"

    I thought I saw a thread (by Shimmer?) started, but now I can't find it But anywho... who else is excited the new face of Specktra in '09??
  6. wifey806

    Confessions of a WOC MUA: a modest (but comprehensive) stash :)

    Hey all, I wanna play tooo! If you see an eyeshadow that says "my own", it's because I mixed and pressed it from other shadows that I didn't like. Also all descriptions are Left to Right, Top to Bottom. So, here goes nuttin! MY COLLAGED SEPHORA TRAIN CASE: MY $15.00 TACKLE BOX...
  7. wifey806

    MAC Pro - Chromaline

    FIRST SWATCHES GUYS!!! These are like McDonald's -- cuz "ba-doo-bah bah baahh... I'M LOVIN' IT"!! more info in the discussion board Bunny started awhile back for us! Correction: Purple is actually called "Rich Purple" look how well...
  8. wifey806

    Studio Finish Skin Corrector (pro item)

    hi! I like the shade below because I'm NC45 but want NW under my eyes. Studio Finish only has NW40 (too light) and NW45 (too deep), but Burnt Coral is perfect! that should say "BURNT CORAL" -NOT- "burnt orange", sorry! they are sold only like this (like a depotted/pro pan): my mua...
  9. wifey806

    how do i thank someone for a tut?

    Help?! I know I've done it in the past, but I'm still figuring specktra out... Can someone tell me how to "thank" someone for a post? I can't find the little button/link TIA!