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  1. feeorin

    editing software

    hi everyone! I am on the market for a new editing software so that I could edit picture for my blog anyone have a suggestion? I would be most grateful :)
  2. feeorin

    hi all!

    my name is ronnie, I am 20 years old and I am from israel I'm fairly new.. I mean I've been "absent" for the last two years but I have rediscovered the blogging world not to long ago, and I am quite active on twitter: @ronniecanello happy to be here :)
  3. feeorin

    Drafts in blogspot

    Hi everyone! I am quite new at blogging, i just opened a new blog, wrote a few drafts of posts and now i am trying to post a few of them but when i post one of them it doesnt show them in the order i published them Does anyone have any idea why? Thanks in advance!
  4. feeorin


    me and my sister are going to london in a week and a half (7th of january) and I thought maybe you guys could help me with places to see and things to buy thanks!
  5. feeorin

    first FOTD- eyeliner look for work

    I was doing my make up for work and decided to put it here I have ALOT of eyeliner on, plus a bit of eyeshadow but it doesn't show in the pictures I used stila smudgepot in black as eyeliner superfit make up by clinique velvet finish conpact powder by MUFE shroom e/s by mac all that glitters...
  6. feeorin

    hello from Israel :)

    my name is Ronnie I am 18 years old and started getting interested in make up about a year ago and now I am addicted to it