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  1. mandirigma

    sundressing, baby's first haul post =) (w/ pic!)

    So I've been here for a while now but this is my first posted haul because it's so far been the most devastating! LOL. I was gonna skip my class and go to the Sundressing party at SCP on Tuesday, but I couldn't wait so I went to MAC Pro in LA instead (so now I don't have to worry about skipping...
  2. mandirigma

    New KLS (Kimora Lee Simmons) Makeup?!

    I know a lot of people hate on her but I love me some Kimora Lee Simmons. She has a new cosmetics line: Has anybody tried it? It's pretty expensive, more expensive than MAC and I was curious about how it might compare quality-wise...
  3. mandirigma

    fine lines at 23 =(

    So I'm 23 and I've already got some fine lines under my eyes. =( I know of the long-term healthy things I could be doing to help it: I don't smoke or do drugs, I rarely ever drink, I always get at least 7 hours of sleep. The only thing I could change is my diet and my water intake, which I'll...
  4. mandirigma

    New Ulta Mineral Makeup?

    I got the circular thing in the mail yesterday. Apparently they have a new line of mineral makeup which includes foundation and eyeshadow. Anybody try them yet? I'm mostly interested in the eyeshadows. Their regular eyeshadows are pretty well-pigmented for the price. Do the mineral shadows...
  5. mandirigma

    15-pan palette storage.

    This might be a dumb question, but I just upgraded to a traincase and I just want to be sure. Is it safe to store 15-pan palettes upright (ie, like file folders) or does it make the eyeshadows more susceptible to breaking? Thanks for any answers. :thumbsup:
  6. mandirigma

    Demi-Sweet Lookalikes?

    I broke out the Sweetie Cake quad today and used it for the first time. I absolutely LOVE how the three pinky/purply shadows go together. I thought about buying a backup, but I know the 2 light shades can be easily replicated with other MAC shadows. I want to know what looks like Demi-Sweet...
  7. mandirigma

    Anybody else having this problem?

    I went to pick up backups of two of the Sweetie Cake pigments today and it looks like there's been pigment spillage inside the boxes again, same as the pigments I got from the pro store last week. There was a lot of mess on the jars when I took them out of the boxes. Has this happened to...
  8. mandirigma

    275 vs. 279 & general brush question

    How do the MAC brushes 275 and 279 compare in fluffiness? I have the 279 right now and it's pretty much my favorite brush for applying a highlight to my browbone, and I was wondering if I should spring for a backup or if the 275 is similar enough? Also, sorry if this is a stupid question, but...
  9. mandirigma


    K, quick thing. I have the 2004 Printout Cool Palette from Nordstrom. It has Li'Lilly in it, a really beautiful lavender shade. I'm trying to look up info for this, if MAC has ever released it on its own, but I'm getting wonky info. The reviews here say it's a lustre and it has tons of glitter...
  10. mandirigma

    Recreating Diana Eyes 1

    What eyeshadows (MAC or non-MAC) would you guys use to match the colors in the Diana Eyes 1 quad? TIA! :thumbsup:
  11. mandirigma

    creating compartments in a traincase?

    Hope this is in the right forum. Okay, so I don't really have a traincase. I have a butchy Stanley 19" toolbox to hold all my makeup. =) It was only $8 and I love it. Only thing is I'm having a hard time organizing it. There's a pull-out tray that rests on top, but the rest of the toolbox is...
  12. mandirigma

    Dress To Kiss/Moderne

    Okay, so I posted about highlighters, and I'm thinking of taking the plunge and ordering Dress to Kiss from the website before it's gone for good. I haven't been able to find any reviews for it on MUA (just two here) so I just have a couple of questions before I put it in my shopping bag: 1. Is...
  13. mandirigma


    Hope this is in the right forum and that my searching skills haven't failed me. In case I did miss a post asking the same thing, please feel free to direct me to it. 1. What's a good product to brush over a warm blush or bronzer for that glowy iridescence? I'm thinking the same effect that you...
  14. mandirigma

    Copper Metal

    A couple of quick questions: 1) Is Copper Metal one of the pigments that settle like the mattes so that it's not filled to the top? 2) Just to verify, are all MAC returns tossed? I ordered one of these from the LA pro store to make sure I got one before it's discontinued. I just got it today...
  15. mandirigma

    Rococo E/S Lookalikes?

    Can you guys think of any lookalikes for Little Madame and Aristocrat? I don't have either, but they look really pretty and I was just wondering what they might look like on the skin. TIA! :thumbsup:
  16. mandirigma

    blush and eyeliner color q's

    These might be dumb questions but... 1. What's the effect of using brown eyeliner as opposed to black eyeliner? and 2. For those of you who have multiple blushes, how do you decide what blush to wear when? I guess my real question is, since I have pink-toned blushes and coral-toned blushes...
  17. mandirigma

    Loose Powder Volume?

    How long ago did they change the size of the loose powders? I was checking the site and they only have them in 12g pots now, but the one I have is 30g. Were the prices always the same too or did they lower them? (i can't remember when i got this or how much i paid for it) I was just curious.
  18. mandirigma

    Bourjois vs. MAC Mineralized stuff?

    I feel like every week I get into a new line to research! Just out of curiosity, how do these products compare to each other (namely Bourjois eyeshadows and blushes)? From what I know, you can use the Bourjois products dry and wet, but I've read mixed reviews on the blushes and I couldn't dig...
  19. mandirigma

    Ultracheek Glimmershimmers?

    Does anybody have (or did anybody get to see) the new glimmershimmers yet? They didn't have the Ultracheek stuff at the preview party I went to. I got both blushcremes and I love Sweet William, but I haven't yet touched Blossoming cause I can't tell if it's identical to Lilicent. I might...
  20. mandirigma

    Shu eyeshadows?

    Did I post this in the right forum? I know it's not MAC related, but I am looking for recs. I'm looking to make my first Shu purchase within the next few months after reading rave reviews on the eyeshadows. So I have only a couple of questions: 1. Anybody know where I can find swatches of...