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  1. ShortnSassy

    #35 Lash Dupes??

    Hi ladies! So the MAC #35 lashes were my absolute favorite EVER and i miss them so much! I can't seem to find any lashes that are similar... are there any good dupes from Red Cherry or any other brands? Thank gals!
  2. ShortnSassy

    Benefit Brow Bar - Arch Expert

    so wednesday i have an interview at the first ulta opening in my town and i'm so excited! i applied for the position of arch expert at the benefit brow bar. i looked up working at ulta and so far i'm finding mixed reviews - to me it sounds like i really depends on what location you are working...
  3. ShortnSassy

    Cosmo School Photoshoot!

    hi ladies! a few months ago i did a photoshoot at my cosmetology school in a group so i thought i would show them off and get your opinion! i did the makeup and came up with the inspiration for the theme, the rest of the group collaborated on the hair and did an amazing job! let me know what you...
  4. ShortnSassy

    First post of my work... a photoshoot!

    Ladies this is my first post of my work although I've been lurking around here for a few years now! I did the shoot with a photographer I didn't know for the first time and she did an amazing job! I did the hair and makeup and the model is one of my best friends. These are my favorite shots...